True Life

Season 2013 Episode 20

I Have a Family Who Hates My Boyfriend

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 28, 2013 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Your mom hates your boyfriend.

    To The girl who's mom and brother don't like her boyfriend. You should move out. You MOM and your brother are both A s s Holes the way they treat you and your BF. They should try to have some respect and should respect your judgement and your decisions weather right are wrong. But they don't. They treat you man like crap and very very disrespectful in public and Private.

    To you young lady about to turn 18 your mom is a hypocrite she is like old dating a boy and has the nerve to say crap about your boyfriend. I am glad you want to move out and you should. This is one of the best ways to grow up and you will love having freedom from the ruler in the house.