True Life

Season 4 Episode 21

I Want the Perfect Body

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 07, 2003 on MTV - Music Television

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  • This episode was very...weird.

    Even though I thought it was cool that these peopple were working so hard to get this great body without plastic surgery and all that stuff, I couldn\'t get over a certain part of the show that really really disturbed me. Maybe it\'s just becasue I\'m a pretty shy, conservative person, but the shaving part was really odd. The really really buff dude was shaving his entire (yeah, ENTIRE, yikes) body in preperation for the competetion. He was shaving his chest at first, but had to have his dad come in a shave his butt. Personally, I couldn\'t have my dad that close to my bare butt (no matter how toned, tanned, and tight it was lol) and touching it and shaving it. Then, the dude stripped off all his clothes and had his dad spray the tanning crap on him. Sure, he covered up his man-parts with his hands, but it still seemed very creepy for this father-son-relationship. You\'ve got this old, kinda out of shape dad feeling up his overly muscular son\'s butt and then spraying his completly naked body. I don\'t know, maybe it\'s just me...