True Life

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  • Used to be good

    But not anymore.

    True life

    Doesn't seem real to me.
  • My whole town is true life

    I am a 38 ur old single mother (of polish desent) living in Gary, Indiana. Me and many of the people I know and live around could be on the show. Everyone here lives below poverty level (for America) .We all garbege pick and shop second hand stores for everything we need, anything worth anything has been sold to pay bills including our cars so everyone walks every where. I am lucky to live within a 5 to 15 minute walk from about anything I need. Welfare is about an hour. This town is dead. Many homes are vacant (for so long some houses have trees growing inside of them. There is no work even the shit no pay jobs are gone. I do have an Associates degree but still nothing, can't even get a job cleaning toilets and believe me I've begged. My idea is" How to make it, NOT JUST SURVIVE". not everyone can do it. I have 3 children here and we eat off of groceries per week. If you need a poverty striken family (not receiving welfare) for the show, let me know. . Angela
  • Found out some cool stuff on this show.

  • True Life is a documentary on people's life

    The show is one of the best show's on mtv. Wait a minute the best mtv show. This at first turned me away from the show because it is on MTV. But the show is wonderful, beautiful and amazing. I've shed tears because of it and have wondered more about my life. The show looks into people with weird parents, terits, sleep isnomia, autism. People who are in gay interracial, intereligion relationships and see how the live their lives in everyday situations. The show i hope will last forever. The show is underappreciated and i hope one day it will get the recognition it deserves.
  • "True Life" is a better show than most people think it is. But, the show varies from episode to episode.

    A lot of people think MTV is all dating shows and shows about hip hop and rap. This isn't fully true. There's "MTV Cribs", "Made", and also the underrated "True Life". In each episode of "True Life", you follow two or three people with a related problem or lifestyle. Each episode is their own documentary. Some of them go nowhere though. For example, there's one that was about people who were from a specific New York island. They tried to show the struggles, but there really wasn't that much to touch up on. The only difference they really showed between them and people living in Manhattan is a slightly different accent and a different appearance. Episodes like that are just like an episode of "Real World", where you just follow people around in their daily life. That's not what I'm watching "True Life" for. But then there are a lot of interesting ones, like "I have Tourette's" or "I'm a Competitive Eater".
  • True Life is a glimpse into the lives, loves and drama of the MTV generation.

    This show is great on so many levels. Why it hasn't gotten more recognition is beyond me. Made in the first-person style, there's little fluff in these stories. Whether it's a dark subject (I'm addicted to...) or lighter (I'm a Jersey Shore Girl), TL is just gripping. Wonderfully edited, each episode deals with it's subjects in a non-watered down manner. MTV is known for it's sound bites but these mini-docs are a more indepth look at subjects that are important to today's youth. They tackle such subjects as eating disorders, gender id, and body image. If you like shows such as "Intervention" and "Made", True Life is for you.
  • One of, if not the best, shows on MTV right now

    True life is just a great show! With most of the subjects it allows you to see an entirely different way of living. Its also the one show on the so called music channel that doesnt treat its viewers like theyre complete idiots. The topics range from drugs, personal issues and behaviors to more light subjects like different career choices, or backpacking through europe(one of my fave episodes). Whatever subject theyre showing, they always make sure to show you every aspect and point of view. On more serious subjects, there are no holds barred to make sure that you experience everything that the people are going through.

    One thing that sets it apart is that the people actually seem real, as opposed to other reality shows. Its always a great experience to tune in, and i hope it doesnt get cancelled before its time is up.
  • As the classification says, this is a trend setter show. It chronicles the life of various type of people which can include geniuses, ocders, drug addicts. It ranges from the most simple things to some of the most difficult things.

    I love this show. My most recent favorite episode was I'm in Debt, which I'm in also though not to the extent that these girls were. Lets me know my situation wasn't so bad, plus I love the I'm Stepping show which shows they don't just stay in one demographic but they represent just about everybody and everything you can think of. If you haven't seen it, then I recommend you tune in @ least once to check it out.
  • This show is about true life experiances and daily life in what ever situation.

    I love this show because its real and its something that is happening or has happened to a person . It someone elses drama and maybe even something that has happened to you. I especially loved the one about the jealous siblings because i am one my self. My sister is alot taller and prettier than me so i get jealous sometimes . And yes she trys to steal the spot light from me some times but i am way different than her so somethings i have are more liked . Like i know my sister wishes she had my dark skin and i wish i was tall like her and well that sometimes brings us together than fighting because where both jealous of each other.
  • Some are quite intesting.

    True Life is a documentary showing the true life of some people. The topics are different. Some of the topics are informative and make you feel bad for people and the way they are, like people who have diseases. I find it sad that people are forced to live like that. Some other topics are real. The one on OCD was weird. I know someone who has OCD but not nearly as bad as the people did on the show. Overall, I think this show is worth watching and very intesting. I like it. Thank you for your time. GOOD.
  • Exactly like it's title, the true life of people out there... not that different from mine...

    The show has had it's moments. It's shown people that are, in fact, very interesting to watch. But it's not a show to watch twice, 'cause it kind of gets boring.

    The very 1st episode I ever saw of "True Life" was the one of the soldiers that got back from the war. It's been my favorite ever since, mainly because I've never met anyone in his position, and just seeing him so stressed out about having to return really made me think of all the soldiers out there.

    What I like about this show is that it's real, everyone they show is real, all of their problems are real, not like other shows that provoke conflict just for mere entertainment.
  • True Life shows the 'true life' of American teens no show has ever done.

    Totally refreshing and different from shows such as the Real World, True Life shows the world from one perspective; the one the episode is focussed on. This makes it easier, more entertaining and edacutive to look at. I think the factor in True Life will remain timeless and this show will go on for many years this way.