True Life - Season 11

Wednesday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Mar 31, 1998 In Season




Episode Guide

  • I'm On Vacation
    Episode 23
    In this episode, True Life shows how vacations can strengthen relationships. Chris and Liad travel to Europe as friends with benefits. Liad wishes to become a couple but Chris wants to hook up with foreign girls on their spring break vacation. As they are at a crossroads, they could become a couple or end their relationship totally. After several arguments, Chris asks her to be his girlfriend. As Donovan and Chris are half-brothers who have never been close, their mother sends them to Hawaii, hoping they'll become friends. The first part of the trip, the brothers go their way, but then Brandon makes a special effort to take Donovan out for his birthday and they start to get along better.moreless
  • 5/29/08
    I Live Another Life On the Web is the sixth episode in the eleventh season of MTVs series True Life. This episode features three people who live dramatically different lives on the internet. Even the young people's best friends do not know about their secret lives. Each of them struggle to maintain balance between their real lives and real friends and the virtual worlds they have created for themselves.moreless
  • 5/22/08
    I Have Schizophrenia is the fifth episode in the eleventh season of MTVs reality series True Life. Three young people with schizophrenia share their stories with viewers. Josh is a 25-year-old man who refuses to take medication because he is comfortable with the voices in his head. Amber is a 19-year-old who was recently diagnosed with the disorder and is maintaining a normal lifestyle with the use of medication. Finally, 23-year-old Ben is also doing well on medication, but suffering from severe side effects, which cause him to stay mostly in his house.moreless
  • 5/15/08
    This episode profiles Candy, whose parents are circus clowns and Niki, a girl whose mother has had two breast enhancements and models lingerie for her personal use.
  • 4/5/08
    I'm Under Peer Pressure is the third episode in the eleventh season of True Life on MTV. Three young people, Nikki, Alex and AJ share their personal stories about peer pressure. Nikki works at Hooters and feels she will only be successful at her job, if she gets breast implants. Alex is resisting the urge "to party like a rock star" while going to school and working to become a music producer. AJ is an overweight teen who is surrounded by jocks and tired of being the source of all their entertainment.moreless
  • 4/5/08
    I'm Going to Fashion Week is the second episode in the eleventh season of MTVs reality series True Life. Stefanie, Jamie and Cassie have all been given the opportunity to attend fashion week to show off their designs. They must all work incredibly hard to make sure they do not disappoint once they get there.moreless
  • Southern Belle
    Episode 1
    Southern Belle is the first episode of the eleventh season of MTV's reality series True Life. Kate, Raini and Leigh Anne are all young woman devoted to the lifestyle of a traditional southern belle. However, each of these women find it difficult to adhere to the lifestyle in a world that seems to have abandoned the tradition.moreless