True Tears

TV Kanagawa (ended 2008)


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  • Season 1
    • Your Tears...
      Your Tears...
      Episode 13
      Noe has ended up in the hospital, after falling from a tree, leaving both Jun and Shinichriou worried about her. After the festival, Shinichriou has quickly become well-known in school but his relationship with Hiromi remains unclear. He needs to decide once and for all who he wants to be with.moreless
    • From My Eyes That Don't See Anything
      After receiving a call about Noe being missing, Shinichriou goes out in search for her and eventually finds her at the pier, holding Jibeta. Shinichriou is unable to bring himself to get her and returns home frustrated for not being able to decide things on his own and Noe later returns home. The next day is the day of the Mugiha Festival and everyone is preparing for the big event.moreless
    • The One You Like Isn't Me
      A week has passed since Hiromi started living by herself and she returns to school, after serving her suspension period. Things are going really well between Shinichriou and Hiromi but he still hasn't been able to do anything properly, also Aiko makes the decision to reconcile with Miyokichi. Hiromi has been sorting out her feelings and decides to end things with Jun, once and for all.moreless
    • Do Everything Properly
      Hiromi is still suspended from school but she is just happy about what was said about her and Shinichriou being siblings is not true. After getting some help from Noe, Nobuse runs into Aiko and finally accepts breaking up with her. When Shinichirou learns of the break up, his previous good mood is ruined because he thinks it's his fault. So now he thinks wants to do everything properly from now on but Hiromi has something more shocking to tell him.moreless
    • Can't Really Fly Huh...
      While taking his bike out for a ride, around the snow covered town, Jun loses control and crashes. Both he and Hiromi escaped unharmed but Jun's bike was completely totalled. Fortunately for them they didn't have to wait long for help, as Shinichirou and Noe show up. The next day rumours are beginning to spread throughout the school, about Hiromi and in the end she is suspended along with Jun. However she is able to reconcile with Shinichirou's mother and resolve some issues.moreless
    • Town Where It Doesn't Snow
      Happy about Shinichirou asking her out, Noe is quick to tell Jun when he gets home. Elsewhere Shinichirou is at home thinking about all the girls but most recently the kiss he shared with Aiko, where he ended up rejecting her feelings. The next day Shinichirou only has one girl in mind, so he decides to go out on a date with Noe. Meanwhile Hiromi is feeling troubled about how close Shinichirou and Noe are getting and if things weren't bad enough, the tension between Hiromi and Shinichirou's mom is at its limits.moreless
    • Say It Properly, Write It Here
      With what was said to him earlier, Shinichirou is in shock and utter disbelief. The next day while heading to class he is surprised by Noe, who drops a bento attached to his belt for him. After Shinichirou refuses it Noe takes it and forces Hiromi to have lunch with her but the two end up fighting. Noe has begun to experience some emotions that she has never experienced before and it may be because she likes Shinichirou, plus he might feel the same way. Later on Aiko is thinking about admitting the feelings she has kept locked up inside.moreless
    • What Kind Of Joke Is That?
      Miyokichi arrives at the Imagawayaki shop, interrupting Aiko and Shinichirou's moment alone, to hang out as usual. Shinichirou is close to giving up on Hiromi now that Jun is in the picture. On Sunday, Hiromi meets up with Jun for their prearranged date, meanwhile Miyokichi goes shopping with Aiko but it doesn't turn out well. Following her date with Jun, Hiromi is fairly shaken up from it when Shinichirou's mother appears to make things worse.moreless
    • A Meddlesome Guy Is Like A Fool
      At school Shinichirou feels awkward around Noe after the request her brother made. On the other hand he seems to be getting along well we Hiromi and they even stop by the beach to hang out. The next day during Shinichirou's usual dance class Noe drops by, to have lunch with him and after that he goes home to work on his picture book. Jun then visits out of the blue to ask for Shinichirou's answer but his answer may have made things more troublesome.moreless
    • Okay, Splashy Splashy
      On their way home, Shinichirou feels uneasy as Hiromi talks about her crush on Noe's brother, Jun. Thus the next day he completely avoids her by heading by the seaside, where he runs into Aiko. They end up spending the day shopping, which is when Shinichirou tells her about Hiromi. The next day Shinichirou is forced into hanging out with Noe and she explains to him the reason behind her lost tears and in turn tries to solve Shinichirou's problem.moreless
    • That Conversation You Had, How Did It Turn Out?
      It's a new school day and it isn't long before Noe starts giving Shinichirou problems, by leaving chicken seeds everywhere. After school Shinchirou runs after Noe to confront her about it but instead he sees Noe being picked up by someone and assumes it's her boyfriend. Later that day Shinichirou and Hiromi head out to run an errand and in the process he remembers something that happened between them long ago. The next day there is a basketball match and it is then that Shinichirou discovers that the guy he saw with Noe before, is in fact her older brother.moreless
    • I... What Do I Want to Do?
      Noe tells Shinichirou that she gave away her tears, so she's on a mission to regain them and in the end he believes her. The next day at school Shinichirou and Noe seem to look as if they are getting along well together and people have begun to notice, including Hiromi. Subsequent to meeting Noe at Raigomaru's grave, Hiromi ask Shinichirou for a favour.moreless
    • I... Because I Gave My Tears Away
      Shinichirou is a high school student who enjoys art but cannot bring himself to express his feelings towards Hiromi. At school following the Phys Ed lesson, Shinichirou wonders around the school grounds when he notices a girl named Noe, up a tree. She climbs up there to get some food for the chickens and after criticizing her actions, she places a curse of Shinichirou.moreless