Trust Me

Season 1 Episode 4

Au Courant

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 16, 2009 on TNT

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  • This episode was really an exercise in how many ways Mason could embarrass himself. We finally get to see one of Mason's children however, so that's a plus! It's nice to let TV children out of the attic once in awhile.

    Mason misses the mark when he surveys his atypical daughter, Haley, about trends with typical teens, from Leonard Cohen to country songs – Haley's tastes are definitely unconventional for a 'typical' teen. It's up to Conner to save the day when Mason keeps digging himself into deeper trouble with the client by making promises he may not be able to keep. Like the one about getting Spike Jones to direct their webisodes. The rest of the episode is basically the guys trying to get access to Spike Jones. They score a meeting which is sabotaged by their nemesis Cochrane (who actually seems to be growing more and more comic book villainy every episode).

    Sarah's sexual orientation is called into question on some add blogs, and Sarah goes out of her way to make sure people know that she's not gay by taking Hector to the event – they end up kissing, but it confuses Sarah more.

    More Thoughts on 'Au Courant':
    - It was good to finally meet one of Mason's kids. I'm pretty sure she's Luke's long lost daughter from Gilmore Girls, and Vanessa Marano plays the atypical teen quite well (maybe she might be one?)
    - The whole Sarah subplot was silly, and I felt for Hector by the end of it.

    Bottom line: Liked Mason and Haley's interaction, I wish there was more family connections brought in for Connor as well. I get that he's single, but Mason and a bunch of ex-girlfriends can't be his only outside world connections can they?

    Next Week: Connors overconfidence might bite him in the butt.

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