Trust Me

Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot - Before and After

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 26, 2009 on TNT
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Pilot - Before and After
Family man Mason is promoted, leaving behind his free-spirit best friend Conner. Tested by a hothead boss, fierce competition, and a jilted co-worker, Mason and Conner are forced to reclassify their brotherly friendship while continuing to be professional colleagues.

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  • Is it good?

    This new show starts with a regular pilot, nothing explosive that makes you watch it all over again, nothing surprising or memorable. The fact is that it is worthed anyway because we can see from the very beginning this incredible chemistry between the two main characters, Mason and Connor, the responsable one and the "child". Some of the scenes are pretty funny and the world of advertising is seen in a light and simple way. The fact that this particular profession is not often showed is a good reason to watch Trust Me, even if it may seems a little bit weak at the beginning. More over there is also Monica Potter (from Boston Legal) in the cast, and even if she doesn't look like a strong character in the pilot, she may be better in the future.moreless
  • Tom Cavanagh and Eric McCormack with a guest spot from Jason O'Mara? Sold! For those of you have heard of critics comparing this new TNT to show to AMC's Mad Men – rest assured rumours of it's similarity have been greatly (GREATLY) exaggerated.moreless

    Tom Cavanagh and Eric McCormack with a guest spot from Jason O'Mara? Sold! For those of you who have heard of critics comparing this new TNT to show to AMC's Mad Men – rest assured rumours of it's similarity have been greatly (GREATLY) exaggerated.

    Sure they're both shows about advertising, but that's where their similarities end. This is a show based in the present, and focuses a lot on the chemistry between McCormack's character (Mason) and Cavanagh's character (Conner). Chemistry they do have, and they work well together.

    The rest of the cast includes Monica Potter (Boston Legal), Griffin Dunne (Law & Order: Criminal Intent), Sarah Clarke (24), Mike Damus (Lost in Yonkers) and Geoffrey Arend (Garden State).

    Is it any good?

    Yes it was good, interesting, but it wasn't anything spectacular, but if it's a slow build that this show needs, I'm willing to give it a shot.

    How's the rest of the cast?

    Monica Potter is the weakest link, actually Monica Potter will always be the weakest link, even if she's in a movie with Freddie Prinze Jr. she'll still be the weakest link. Except for that poor casting choice, the cast is pretty decent.

    Bottom line it for it worth watching?

    I would definitely give it a shot, it deserves a look for Cavanagh and McCormack alone.

    More at www.theplurp.commoreless
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Uriah Shelton

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    • Conner: (to Mason) Some kids wanted to be firemen. Some kids wanted to be astronauts. Some kids wanted to be doctors. We always wanted to be hung over from expensive booze that someone else paid for while everyone else back in Chicago thinks we're working. That was our dream.

    • Conner: (to Mason) You're not just my partner. You're my best friend. You're like my brother. Not like my brother. He's a tool. You're like my non-dink brother.

    • Conner: I've been carrying you for seven years. You can't even write a single cellphone commercial. And you're the one who gets promoted?
      Mason: You carry me? I've been carrying you for so long, I've got scoliosis.

    • Simon: Cellphones are like assholes. Everyone's got one and no one thinks too much about them until they stop working.

    • Mason: Sarah, have you seen Conner? Tall guy. Probably sucking his thumb.

    • (Sarah asking for an explanation why she isn't rehired)
      Josh Burkett: Okay. You're kind of a pain in the ass. You're high maintenance. Abrasive. Arrogant. And you always think guys are hitting on you.
      Sarah: Yeah, but that's not true!
      Josh Burkett: Thank you. I almost forgot. Argumentative. Nobody else can ever be right.

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    • Taglines Mentioned by Mason:
      • "Just Do It" - Nike
      • "Think Different" - Apple Computer
      • "Kills Bugs Dead" - Raid
      • "When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best" - Hallmark
      • "This Bud's for You" - Budweiser
      • "The Ultimate Driving Machine" - BMW
      • "We Try Harder" - Avis
      • "Uh-oh, Spaghetti-Ohs" - Spaghetti-Ohs