Trust Me

Season 1 Episode 6

Promises Promises

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2009 on TNT

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  • Conner gets left in charge when Mason attempts to go on a 'staycation' with his wife. I'm left wondering if one should keep their pants off or on when they're getting a professional massage…

    Plot Synopsis (S01E06) – Mason convinces Tony to allow his group to create a campaign for the potential Chicago Olympics. With the entire team assigned to the project, Mason and Erin have the opportunity to get away for the weekend, leaving Conner at the helm. Of course Mason can't trust the uneven efforts of Conner's leadership (which really kinda sucked by the way) so he hops back and forth from his staycation with is wife. Erin doesn't take to this too kindly, and they end up having a fight. Which Mason makes up for in the end with his enthusiasm…hotel sex ensues.

    Sarah and her new partner clash when their two very different lifestyles collide, making them both wonder if this the right fit. In the end Sarah tries to fire her, only to have the partner quit.

    Bottom Line: This episode was much better than the last, but I'm starting to wonder if all the show is ever going to be about is ad campaigns going awry…this may be a fun watch, but is it worth reviewing?

    Next: More adcampaigning! More Conner/Mason drama …seriously?

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