Truth or Consequences

CBS (ended 1987)


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  • "It's time for...... Truth or Consequences!!"

    This is the first game show that I remember Bob Barker from, & it always seemed to me like he had a lot of fun hosting TorC! This game show was a lot of fun because you never knew what they were going to come up with for the contestants to do - & it was always something unusual & crazy! First, the contestant would be asked a question (usually a trick &/or silly question) - if they got the answer wrong (ie: didn't tell the 'truth'), they would have to pay the 'consequences'. Then they would have to complete a stunt; sometimes it was simple enough to be done in the studio, sometimes it was so elaborate, they'd have to complete it outside (the stunt might take some time to complete, & then the ending would be revealed on a later program). Silly, embarrassing, & sometimes heart-warming, TorC was a fabulous gameshow!