Truth or Scare

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Jan 01, 2008 on Discovery Channel Kids

Episode Recap

The episode opens with some references to famous movies based of off Bram Stroker's novel Dracula, and the rest of the episode follows the story of that novel as well as explaining some of the social and scientific, as well as historical insights into the most famous horror story ever told.

Michelle tells us how in the story John Harker begins searching for Count Dracula a very wealthy man who lives in Castle Dracula in the small Romanian village of Transylvania. At this point Leonard Wolf gives us some possible explanations for the origin of the vampire myth. They range from early burial to a social fear of foreigners and the emerging independent women's rights movement. He also makes some interesting parallels between Darwin's theory of evolution and Stroker's use of animal imagery in the novel.

In the next segment Michelle tells more of the Dracula story and gives us some facts about real Vampire bats. Then she tells us the history of the real "Dracula". Vlad The Impaler was a ruler in the town of Transylvania almost 500 years ago, and his bloody reign made him and his nickname (Dracula) legend. Stroker adopted this name and changed the story some to include the supernatural aspect of Vampirism, and the world's scariest villain ever was born.

Next Michelle tells of the final showdown between Harker and Dracula, in which Dracula dies in a way that leaves room for a scary twist ending. One that never comes thanks to Bram Stroker's death (which interestingly coincided with the sinking of the Titanic, and was lost in the media furor). Stroker's novel didn't reach fame until many years after he died. Although his life didn't have a happy ending, his novel did. Harker and his son walk hand in hand through a peaceful Castle Dracula, as the final page closes.

Michelle pauses to reflect on the impact the novel has made, as well as the sheer terror Dracula himself has inspired. She ends with a powerful remark to the novel's antagonist, Harker. "It doesn't matter how many times you think you've killed him. The legend of Dracula will live on forever... Harker, you fool."