Truth or Scare

Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2003)


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  • A fantastic show I love to watch.

    This show is better than Mystery Hunters in my opinion. I came to this show one night on Discovery Kids and absolutely loved it! It great to watch at night and send chill down your spine every now and then.

    This is another show that I love watching because of all the mysteries that they explore. Although, they don't go proving it wrong like mystery hunters does. They just examine a lot of facinating supposed haunted places. That's what I love about this show.

    Its a full explanation on the story behind some creepy haunted place that informs you on what terrible things happened centeries ago. If you want a good scare kinda late at night,then you should watch this show.
  • Truth or Scare is a show hosted by Michelle Trachtenburg who talks about mostly superstitions, witches, warlocks, werewolves, and even pyschic ability. One of my favorite shows.

    Truth or Scare is one of my favorite shows not only because it is hosted by one of my favorite actresses, but also because it's sort of a kins of Halloweeny kind of thing, and I personally just LOVE Halloween. Don't you? Any ways, my favorite episode of Truth or Scare is when the host, Michtelle Trachtenburg, talks about past witches. I don't know what the episode is titled, but who cares? Actually, I love all of the episodes, don't you?
  • Truth or Scare: A fantastic Show

    Truth or scare is a great show that involves all sorts of supernatural things. I must admit, this is one of my favorite shows. I am all into the supernatural, so when this is on, I always watch it. I think that even adults would like it, even though its on Discovery Kids. This is a very intersting and great show that I could watch all day. It can get pretty creepy at times, but its not what I would call scary. The host, Michelle Trachtenberg, is great. She is the perfect host for this kind of show. I personally think her voice matches the show's theme perfectly, but that's just me.
  • I should watch this show more often

    When I first saw this it was the episode about ghost trackers and "I thought boring change the channel", but then I saw another episode and I could not get enough it keeps getting better and better. I can guarantee that fans of the paranormal will not be disappointed when they watch this show :)
  • Great show!

    Truth or Scare is a thouroughly enjoyable series that I like very much. The show is basically a documentary which describes various paranormal occurrences (the Bermuda Triangle, ghosts etc).

    Michelle Trachtenberg who hosts the show, is quite simply, briliant. She gives each episode an excellantly spooky performance, but without ever overdoing it or coming across as camp. Put simply, she is natural.

    Each episode begins and ends with Michelle in a creepy old house. She then acts as a narrator, with appearances throughout the episode. This gives the show a sense of atmosphere that makes it highly interesting.

    All in all, a great show.
  • Truth Or Scare, hosted by Michelle Trachtenburg of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, describes supernatural events such ghost stories, monster sightings, alien encounters, witches, and more. This delightfully creepy show provides arguments for both sides of the p

    When I first heard of Truth Or Scare, I thought it was just anmother wanna-be scary Discovey Kids show. Boy, was I wrong. Michelle Trachtenburg's creepy costumes and eerie set still freak me out when I watch the show at night. And if her chilling appearence doesn't send shivers up your spine, the ghostly tales she describes will. Sure, she's no horror movie, but Truth Or Scare is enough to freak out this slightly wimpy teen. I personally think her stories of ghosts, monsters, and other things that go bump in the night from around the world are much more interesting than any Hollywood horro film because Trachtenburg's tales are true... according to some. She talks to both believers and skeptics, but lets viewers decide for themselves whether they are truth or scare.