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  • Rated and Hated

    I made an account just so I could review this show hoping that someone important sees it

    The sound affects NEED to stop. I often watch the show on mute just because I can't STAND the fake crap that they add to try and make the content funnier. And I'm not just talking about the stupid one liners.

    For example, there was a monkey dancing and there was a voice going "UH! YEAH! WORK IT!" etc and it made me cringe so hard I had to change the channel.

    I saw all the positive reviews on this site and asked myself "HOW?" But then when I made my account, it said you have to be at least 13 and then it all made sense. If you're an adult and you like this show, you need to reevaluate your life. All of these videos are reviewed much better on T0SH.0 (I had to type it wrong because this stupid site won't let me mention a competitor's program)

    In conclusion, this is a show that comes on while most people are at work or asleep. Impractical jokers should just be on at all times imo. The cast isn't funny and this show is only bearable on mute until I see one of them cross dressing which makes me change the channel.
  • Cast suck. They're not funny

    I would watch the show but the cast on this show are not funny at all. They are annoying and cheesy want to be actors.
  • Goldie, jewish grandma

    I heard that you have banned the word "fuck" from your program and the first positive result was, Goldie

    "the Jewish Grandma' was struck dumb!! Your viewers are praying that this is not temporary!
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  • Very funny show, but...

    I'ma need y'all to get some new comedians. Some younger ones, maybe. SpokenReasons, Kosher, Angelina Spicer... Yea. Keep her on, bring them. Add a couple young people damn. I be wanting to rotflmao, but they so damn old. Hey some new talent. Mix it up.
  • Loved And Loving It Now

    This show really got my all my fingers held up high for a score of 10! I don't care if they continue to air reruns. I would rather watch that than BET! Just like what MLK said on The Boondocks: "Black Entertainment Television is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life!" I like all of the cast on that show, including those voice actors reenacting the videos.
  • Really Enjoy the Show

    It's good to actually laugh out loud, and most episodes of the TV series "The World's Dumbest", I give credit to it's narrating cast in their often witty sense of humor.

    My favorites are Todd Bridges Leif Garrett Tonya Harding Danny Bonaduce Judy Gold Chuck Nice and Daniel Baldwin. Although I often enjoy the LOL humor of Nick DiPaolo, I can't for the life of me understand how he can so blatantly express his prejudices and hatred for our Russian Neighbors. Often his disregard for people of another Country, has seemed to be no more than traits of bullying, but not bullying of one or two, but bulling a whole Nation of people.

    I often wonder why FREEDOM of SPEECH is allowed to embarrassingly humiliate, confoundly mortify, slanderously offend, as well as used for acts of Moral Turpitude by ways of assaulting another with cutting verbal expressions usually just to articulate their on opinions. Some cutting words may simply graze a soul, some may cut so deep they cause death by depression and or suicide. It's even recognized that the sword of the Spirit, is said to be the WORD of God, words can comfort and words can cut, either way words can be a powerful weapon in any hands.

    At US Legal it states that "Moral Turpitude refers generally to conduct that shocks the public conscience, which can easily include deeply cruel and hurtful statements, rather these statements are publicly expressed in the heat of anger or ignorantly spoken in jesting.

    Even though the Legal article states that "assaults not involving dangerous weapons or evil intent have been held not to involve moral turpitude", its wise to consider the old saying of "words can cut like a knife". Which is simply saying there are words that can actually hurt so bad, a person feels the pain as if someone has been cut are stabbed with a knife.

    Words Can Cut to the Core

    Words have proven to have more power than law-makers want to recognize. Words have the power to start a war, as well as power to end a war. For those who believe, it's said that "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was Spoken words as well as thoughts, are transmitted energy as signals of a specific frequency and often sound, words are as powerful as the Source which emits them.

    So I pray that every mature or maturing mind of consciousness, consider their impact of words before they are spoken, and never publicly us the Weapon of Words to maliciously attack another in any way. And I pray that even Nick DiPaolo on the World's Dumbest TV series, might hence forth consider the damaging power of his words before he again publicly express any malicious opinion he might have.


    The comics lend nothing what so ever to the show and they are extremely annoying! I can't watch more than a few minutes because of them. I couldn't agree with "blakebakerr" more!


    let me start by I am grateful I can give a review. I'm not comfratable that they get paid to host anything on this show (casting) they absolutely ruin every clip that's on this show. I mean this from the heart. I throughly enjoy clip shows BUT the comedians on this show are SO bad that I took time out of my day to give you a heads up. avoid this channel.
  • Reruns??

    I live outside the US and am pretty sure we only get reruns of this show. That being said, there are some truly hilarious moments on this show. Brad is my favorite commenter by far! I have no idea why Tonya Harding was ever cast on this show. She isn't bright, clever or even likable. Every comment she makes is predictable. If you were looking to add an element of cringeworthiness to the show, she's your gal! The rating I'm giving this show is based on how much I WOULD like it if Tonya had never appeared on it.
  • Go back to the old stars and shoot Godfree!

    I think it was a mistake changing the cast. Why, where is Frank? Danny?
  • John Enos!!

    I think he is a riot!!!! I woud love to find the clip of him and Loni Love trying postions on the odd couch! I think it's worlds dumbest performers.
  • We do NOT want to see Tonya Harding Again

    The show is alright but, there is enough stupidity without so many panelist's comments. Some are fine but it seems like after every clip, one or more of them has something to say. It would be better with fewer comments. Some of the commentary is about as stupid as the preceding stunt. Others are dead on.

    Also, we have not forgotten Tonya Harding. She is extremely unlikeable and to give her this slot is an insult to the intelligence of those of us old enough to remember what she conspired to do to Nancy Kerrigan. Harding should not be given the chance to be in the public eye ever again. I don't want to see her, especially her fat, ugly face. She was repulsive then and she is repulsive now.
  • Season 3 Episode 4-- "Fall like a leaf"

    Judy asked that someone write in and explain "fall like a leaf" in the daredevil episode (episode 3 of season 3) where the hanglider dude was falling for ever and his friend kept saying, "fall like a

    If you have ever seen the movie Serenity, Wash was trying to land their ship gracefully while it was crashing and he kept saying "I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I and he landed the ship instead of crashing and killing them all.
  • Hit and miss

    All the kids at school were telling me how awesome this show is. They talked about it as if it was the single funniest thing ever and that anyone watching it would laugh hysterically throughout the episode. So one day I decided to try watching it. I watched quite a few episodes trying to figure out what the appeal was. On my 12th or 13th episode, it hit me. THIS IS BORING. It does have funny moments, and it did get a few chuckles out of me, but I wouldn't call it comedy gold. Of the entire celebrity cast only 2 of them are actually funny. The others are all annoying and obnoxious. Yeah these celebrities and their crappy one liners get old about 5 minutes into the episode. Besides most of these clips can be seen on youtube without the crappy jokes and sound effects. This show is chock full of bland, awkward gags for cheap laughs (Ex. Censoring a naked person using happy faces). Plus it just feels repetitive. The clips they use despite being different all revolve around similar formulas. Someone tries breaking into a store and fails, someone gets pulled over for DUI and says something stupid, etc. This is part of what makes it boring. Bottom line, This show is nothing more than a low brow AFV rip off that relies on stupid gags, weak one liners, and blue humor. I suggest not wasting your time on this mediocre show.
  • THIS show makes me feel like a GENIUS

    I love this show. It makes me feel smarter everytime I watch it! It's also one of the reasons why I love truTV! ~Lutari
  • Dump Peretti

    I realize the panelists on the show aren't exactly Hollywood's hottest. But Chelsea Peretti? She has to be the most nauseating panelist that's ever done the show. And that's saying something! Her whiny monotone voice is absolutely annoying. Maybe if she said something funny once in awhile her constant whining would be tolerable. But I've yet to hear her say anything that even comes close to being funny. Please, don't give her another contract. No matter how little you pay her, you're being robbed!
  • Very funny show

    I love this funny show because it show how stupid some people are.

    This is one of my current favorite TV shows. I love everything about it. Best. truTV show. EVER!
  • Halarious!

    Love this show.
  • Celebrities commentate as some of the population's stupidest mistakes are caught on tape.

    This show would be perfect without the panelists. Some are great, but others, like Danny Bonaduce and Tonya Harding are just annoying. Or get the guy from America's Most Funniest Home Videos. This is practically that, but with less family-appropriate videos. It'd still be fine without the commentary, in fact, better, but a great and enjoyable show nonetheless that both me and my father truly enjoy. And whoever tapes this stuff needs to be rewarded, I wish I had a camera to record stuff at the appropriate times...
  • B-list celebrities taking on A-list idiots makes The Smoking Gun by far one of the funniest shows ever made

    Ever have or meet one of those people who do such stupid stuff, and you want to film it and have it be on TV? Then look no further than The Smoking Gun Presents: World's Dumbest. The show is about a group of celebrities taking a look at and making funny comments on videos of the world's dumbest people. In each episode the cast focuses on a specific group of dumbest people. Such examples are criminals, party goers, employees, drivers, and heroes. I personally find the criminals episodes to be the funniest. Throughout the show there is a mock commentator who voices the people in the video, and I think it is really funny how the commentator mocks the idiot(s) in the video. The cast all do a great job providing pop cultural jokes, gags, and making fun of the idiots. There are a great variety of celebrities, and famous ones such as Leif Garrett, Judy Gold, Loni Love, Tonya Harding, Todd Bridges, and Danny Bonaduce. My favorite commentator on this show is Danny Bonaduce. So if you are looking for idiots being mocked on television then see this show, and it will give you plenty of laughs in each episode.
  • Can't fake this!

    The Smoking Gun Presents: Word's Dumbest just happens to be TruTV's most bizarre, not to mention most popular video show ever. Backed by that popular scandal web site, The Smoking Gun, this show features videos & the snarky comments being made by B-list "celebrities" who put their spin on the ongoing mirth & mayhem that ensues on the videos.

    Although this show falls under the axiom, "It's like watching a train wreck, you want to turn away, but can't" this show exudes a rather infectious charm.

    So if you happen to be a fan of this kind of show, just be careful on whom you talk about it with!
  • Not Bad.

    This show is about criminals doing stupid stuff during their crimes. Which the cast makes fun of them, and sometimes make gags throughout the show. Sometimes this show can get annoying because they show the clip of the crime over like 4 times with an annoying voice. But this is pretty funny show, and I wish more people would interview this show. I also wish they made some more episodes because i can't wait for a hole week. Hmmm I don't know what else to say because this is mostly what they just do. but this and Speeders are my favorite shows on trutv.
  • Good show for a few, or many (depending on the episode content), laughs

    This is a show that takes a b-list celebrity panel and dumb clips from some type of content (IE: Competitions, drivers, etc...). The B-List celebrity panel will then make fun of the clip and the people in the clip. What makes this funny is usually the B-List Celebrity panels comments about the clips, the clips them selves and sometimes the absolute dumb people in the clips. The B List pannel, of course, makes fun of themselves tounge in cheek. They realize they are B List celebrities and make no notion of anything else. There is usually a funny outtake or two at the end. This show is worth watching should you want a chuckle or two. Sometimes it is worth outright laughs depending on the episode.