truTV Presents: World's Dumbest - Season 1

Sunday 8:00 PM on truTV Premiered Mar 13, 2008 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • World's Dumbest Criminals 6
    On this edition of World's Dumbest, more would-be robbers are foiled after such incidents as being discovered with phony firearms and being over-powered by storekeepers and Good Samaritans.
  • World's Dumbest Partiers
    The celebrity panel reviews video of citizens who let celebrations go too far, including performing incredibly stupid acts while inebriated.
  • The Smoking Gun Presents: World's Dumbest 303
    If you think your co-workers are slow, just wait until you see the twenty mis-guided workers on display in truTV Presents the World's Dumbest Employees. Plastered police chiefs, rock slinging principals and civil servants so-corrupt-they-make-Rod-Blagojevich-seem-ethical all get the business from our celebrity cast of commentators.
  • 6/12/08
    20 more dumb decisions by lawbreakers, including robbers harmed during hold-ups and a woman who thinks that soliciting an officer is the best way to keep her from going to prison.
  • World's Dumbest Meltdowns
    "World's Dumbest Meltdowns is a boatload of bedlam. Twenty examples of people pushed to the limit, and then way beyond. Baby pageant beat-downs, bare-knuckle nudist scuffles and tons of famous faces engaged in some seriously unstable behavior."
  • World's Dumbest Daredevils
    World's Dumbest presents a review of incredibly silly and dangerous stunts performed on camera by people hoping to gain minor fame.
  • World's Dumbest Drivers 2
    World's Dumbest gives us another 20 examples of atrocious road behavior, reviewed by our illustrious group of celebrity commentators.
  • World's Dumbest Drivers
    On this episode of World's Dumbest, videotape of incredibly stupid acts of driving, car crashes, and fights resulting from motorists' mishaps are analyzed by the celebrity panel.
  • The Smoking Gun Presents: World's Dumbest
    Winning is a relative term in our next set of outrageously dumb competitions. Featuring unicycle football, geriatric scooter races, a bra unlatching contest and brace yourself the ultimate flatulence contest (farts!). Providing running commentary is our highly competitive cast including Danny Bonduce, Todd Bridges, Tonya Harding, Leif Garrett.
  • World's Dumbest Criminals 4
    Another installment of World's Dumbest that highlights stupid lawbreakers, including a drunk motorist who says inappropriate things to the arresting officer, and hold-up "artists" who are beaten up by store owners.
  • World's Dumbest Criminals 3
    On the third installment of World's Dumbest, the celebrity panel comments on footage of another 20 examples of would-be perpetrators of crimes who manage to screw up in major ways, such as getting stuck in a ventilation shaft, falling through the ceiling of a liquor store and landing on the merchandise, or holding up a convenience store and making the small mistake of putting the gun down on the counter so the cashier can aim it at you and make you run away.moreless
  • World's Dumbest Criminals 2
    On World's Dumbest Criminals 2, more dumb criminal acts are featured, including a countdown of a "Top 20" list of stupidity while breaking the law.
  • World's Dumbest Criminals
    The World's Dumbest series kicks off with a host of minor celebrities commenting on odd and stupid behavior exhibited by ordinary citizens. This premiere episode includes would-be criminals who become trapped at crime scenes and misplace their hold-up weapons.
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