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I HAVE A QUESTION!! actually two questions

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    does anyone know the name of the song that plays throughout the last eight minutes of the pilot?

    did anyone else not like Sakura when they first saw the show? i didn't but now that i have only seen the pilot and seen it 4 or 5 times shes grown on me and i have certainly realised that it is nothing like CCS i like the CCS characters better but im sure i will come to like the TRC characters just as much

    and why is the title of the show weird why doesnt it just have normal grammer and punctuation?

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    SailorB wrote:
    The name of the song is "A Song of Storm and Fire". And as for Sakura, well, if you read the manga, you'll find out that TRC Sakura and CCS Sakura aren't the same for a reason. And as for the title, it shows up that way everywhere, live with it.

    I know this sounds gay but considering the fact that I am not at all familiar with certain terms regarding your Tsubasa lingo, my defense is boosted: I assume the difference between TRC and CCS is that they revolve around the same characters, but the plots are of two entirely different genres, in a sense, as far as plots are concerned, respectively. And tell me, if TRC stands for Tsubsasa: Reservoir Chronicle, what then does CCS stand for? Taking everything into consideration, I gather that either CCS is in some way or another a form of TRC manga, or a branch of the xxxHOLIX series, correct? Pardon my grammar skills if they have been executed in vein ^^
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    well for one TRC sakura IS very different from CCS sakura for a very good reason! (if they weren't i would find TRC Syaoran's crush on sakura extremly disturbing) if you really want to know then ur just gunna have to read the manga i think the chapter is somewhere in the 180's

    and CCS stands for Cardcaptor Sakura, it an old manga\anime that clamp did a while back..... you can watch the entire series online for free if u haven't seen it yet same goes for the manga...... try looking it up at animefuel.com for the anime
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