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    Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE is almost here on DVD. TV.com is an North American English-speaking website, so everything will be updated to reflect the FUNimation version and cast. But, please... don't jump the gun. Yes, I understand that there have been fansubs out since like the day the first episode aired in 2005 and the comic book is already on volume 12 over here, but that does not reflect the English cast and crew. Any submissions regarding cast and crew must be made on or after the DVD that episode is on has been released. That seems fair to me. It stops anyone from "cheating" (that's just my own personal term) and allows me enough time to check if that information is actually correct. You can't go: "Oh, well I've already seen the episode in Japanese and I know that Yuuko is in this episode, so I'll just say that Ms. Clinkenbeard is in it." That's not good enough if the episode is not on FUNimation DVD. Okay, that's my biggest concern.

    Now, I will say that everyone can feel free to make summaries better and add recaps. Please, make sure that they are original summaries and recaps that you wrote yourself. If a summary or recap is already adequate, don't change it! There's no need and why waste your time, you know? But, hey... if you find spelling or grammar errors, whatever!

    Also, please have spellings of names (for the main characteres at least) as they appear in the main cast list for their guide. It may not be official FUNimation spellings (or Del Rey for that matter) and all, but it better and more accurately represents CLAMP's original intentions. Remember, they are pronounced the same, so it shouldn't be that big of an inconvenience. In the official Japanese Tsubasa books, CLAMP did clarify that Fay is spelled like

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