Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Season 1 Episode 4

Innocent Wandering

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Apr 30, 2005 on NHK Educational
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Innocent Wandering
Sakura is awake and is checking out the town. However, she wakes up without Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane, and Mokana knowing it until it was too late. Things get worse when the leader of the invading gang recognizes her from his encounter with Syaoran and concocts a devious scheme.moreless

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  • Cool!

    This episode starts up great with some cool words from Sakura; that was really awesome!

    And Sakura wakes up when no one is there. What will she do? Now, I wonder. Anyway, it was cool that she woke up. Then we can see more about her. And she got a cold! You just have to laugh then!

    Ah, and she gets taken by that evil gang. But it has been disbanded, everyone's left the boss! Well, I think he got as deserved.

    Ah, but then Shougo gets her, but it doesn't take long before she ends up flying around high up. Sakura's flying, FTW! Well, then she fell down, but Syaoran grabs her just as she falls down. Ah, well, she changed a person's heart. Anyway, a good episode. 8.9/10moreless
  • Sakura awakens! But what will happen when she goes off wandering? Will she change any hearts?

    Sakura awakens whilst the others are all out searching for her feathers, and after going through some very CLAMP-ish outfits, she goes out wandering. She gets picked up by the crappy street gang leader and his accomplice, and we find out his entire gang has left after his pathetic displays against Syaoran and Kurogane. Of course, Sakura, being the nicest of nice people, comforts him, and turns him from his life of crime, after which she tries to walk off some scaffolding. As you do.

    So Shougo takes her flying briefly on his kudan before Syaoran and company finds her with Masayoshi’s help - the sight of birds spurs Sakura to remember about her feathers, and as she glows with light she flies through the sky until a single tear drop sends her crashing to the ground (of course, Syaoran picks her up along the way). All is well, Sakura goes back to sleep, and things are peaceful again.

    What a pleasant surprise - in a similar vein to Reika and Matthew I thought this episode was quite a bit better than the last one - even though it’s non-manga material! Actually, this may be WHY it’s better - while there was lots of talking and stuff, it didn’t feel forced or laboured like in prior episodes, and there was less in the way of Bee Train budget skirting - in fact, I thought the flying sequence was really rather nicely done (if perhaps a bit on the long side).

    I also heartily approve of having a slightly less catatonic Sakura, to be frank - while she’ll never kick as much ass as her Cardcaptor counterpart, I liked that she was sweet in this episode, rather than completely dippy. Furthermore, we got some great moments with Kurogane and Mokona as usual, which always bring a smile to my face.

    Hopefully this improvement will last, although I fear I will be incredibly amused by the CG musical notes promised by the next episode. We shall have to wait and see.moreless
  • Great episode. Sakura finally wakes up!! Yay!!

    In this episode Sakura wakes up. She goes to a closet and trys on all kinds of outfits. She puts on one outfit that i see in every anime, Its the one Kikyo and Sailor Mars wear, a long sleeved white shirt with big red pants. Oh and she also trys on the cutest school girl outfit it's pink with a tie. I remember wishing she would pick that one while i was watching the episode, LOL, but she does pick a pretty dress. Syaoran, Fye, and Kurogane search the whole town for the feather and Sakura. Sakura really touches some peoples hearts and near the end she is flying through the air but stops and starts falling, lucky Syaoran sees her and catches her in he's arms. It's really a beautiful moment cuz the moon is in the background. :)moreless

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