Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Saturday 6:30 PM on NHK Educational Premiered Apr 09, 2004 In Season


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  • A cleverly written Anime show with plenty going on to keep you excited!

    Tsubasa Chronicles is done by the artist team of CLAMP is is currently in its second season. It shows the journey of Sakura and Syaoran and they search for Sakura's lost memory which have taken the physical form of feathers.

    Story 10/10:
    As alread mentioned Tsubasa Chronicles is the story of the Princess of the Clow Kingdom Sakura and her childhood friend Syaoran. After finding a mysterious ruins outsde the Kingdom Sakura finds herself mysteriously drawn towards it and an unknown power activates stealing her memories away from her. Syaoran, who vows to save her life and memories jump around from World to World with their companions Kurogane, Fye D. Flowright and Mokona and attempt to find all of Sakura's feathers. But to gain the power to move from world to world each character had to give up their most precious possession. What are they? Watch to find out!

    Characters 10/10:
    Tsubasa Chronicles has the richest cast of characters I have seen in an Anime show. Each character is very individual, have their own perks and quirks and very deep pasts that take quite some episodes to find out about. First we have Syaoran, a quiet yet strong indiviudal who has strong feelings for Sakura. Sakura is The Princess of the Clow Kindgom and is in love with Syaoran, but cannot remember because of her lost memories. As they're journey begins they become compaions of Kurogane who is desperately trying to his world of Fuedal Japan and Fye D. Flowirght who is a wizard trying to do everything to stay away from his home country. Finally is Mokona who is, as Kurogane puts it a "white bun". Mokona is your typical Anime creature/mascot that no Anime would be complete without!

    Animation 10/10:
    The drawing and animation in Tsubasa is come of the best I have seen. All the characters are beautifully drawn and all the animation flows very nicely, especially in combat and magic scenes. Scenery and worlds also have their own unique style and when the characters move about worls you can easily diferentiate the worlds. Not a whole let else to say except CLAMP does some mighty fine work.

    Flow 8.5/10:
    Whilst you never get lost in Tsubasa Chronicles, due to it being taken from Manga many bits were chopped out and you'll often find yourself wonering small things like, When did they change clothes? Or, when did they teleport to thsi world? Ultimately though it doesn't matter as the story is engaging and easy to pick up what is happening.

    Outro 9.7/10:
    Tsubasa is a great Anime show with beautiful animations, great storyline and characters full of personality. Apart from a few minor flaws with story flow it is a fantastic Anime and not one to miss!