Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Season 1 Episode 7

The Broken Memento

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM May 21, 2005 on NHK Educational
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The Broken Memento
Arriving in the next world, Syaroan and the gang get harassed by the son of the lord there and his thugs. Shortly after, they meet a young girl by the name of Chu'Nyan who chases the thugs off. When the son runs home to his father, we realize that his source of power is one of Sakura's feathers enclosed in a ball. Due to the weird clothing that Syaroan and co. are wearing, Chu'Nyan then mistakes them for Mitteishu, or secret investigators from the government sent to the many kingdoms to right wrongs, and takes them to her house. After a long talk with them, she realizes that they couldn't possibly be Mitteishu she tells them about the evil lord of the area and how he murdered her mother. Later on, the young lord and his thugs burn down a townspersons house because they didn't pay their taxes. After a fight between them and Syaroan, Chu'Nyan only keepsake from her mother, her magical fan, ends up getting destroyed.moreless

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  • New World. New Characters. New Powers. One Feather.

    Our next stop is the world of Koriyo, which looks like feudal Japan. Syaoran and company land in a market and cause a ruckus with the son of the evil despotic ruler of the land, the Ryanban, but end up kipping with Chun Hyang, a girl whose mother tried to face up against the Ryanban and died. The Ryanban uses one of Sakura’s feathers to control the wind, attacking Chun Hyang at random opportunities - he destroys her mother’s magic fan, and leaves her swearing for revenge. In the meantime, Mokona spazzes around, Sakura gets EXTREMELY lucky, and Syaoran doesn’t really say very much as usual.

    The silly humour really worked quite well in the first half of this episode. The Fye-Mokona-Kurogane interaction is working really well now.moreless
  • This episode was awesome! No one picks on Syaoran's Girl and gets away with it!!!

    The episode starts out with all of them landing in a new world. This guy comes up like he's all that and grabs Sakura's arm Syaoran jumps up and Kicks that guy right in the face. Go Syaoran it's your birthday!!!! The guy looks all shocked and crap but Syaoran just stands there with the straightest face. That guy goes running to his daddy and Syaoran turns to Sakura and asks if she's hurt. Sakura says she isn't so everyone helps pick up these potatos i think cuz they like trashed everything when they landed. Sakura watches Syaoran and i swear he is the sweetest guy ever so you know he's not from my town lol. :) It ends after Syaoran fights these one guys.moreless
  • Very Exciting episode Starts off with the gang saying goodbye to everyone and departing to a new wor

    Starts off with the gang saying goodbye to everyone and departing to a new world. Then they crash into a new word-making a commotion causing a crowd to appear. A man(The ruling lords son) grabs Sakura\'s arm and Syaoran kicks him. When he begans to start a fight-a girl shows up, her name is Chu Nyan. Chu nyan starts to argue with the ruling lord son saying that she sould respect him because he has power and what not, but she states that he is a worthless jutsu-user. He gets mad stating how can she insult the ruling lord son. A Man run up and states somthing to him and he says that he Will pay her back and he leaves. The gang gets together and cleans up the mess they made when they first entered this new world and Sakura stares at Syaoran. The son of the ruling lord appears and he is seen with the lord and a Ball that is glowing-inside them ball is one of Sakura\'s feather. The boy states that travels appeared in the market and the lord stares at him. We are back with the gang and they are still cleaning up when Chu nyan appears-she seems to be helping them- and has many potatos(???) in her hand. She perks up and says *could u be.... and then starts placing the potatos rapidly in the boxes. She grabs sakuras hand and says Come. She takes them to her house and askes them if they have anything to say-they say no and she she states-*then I was wrong*- She states that she thought they were the Miteishuu. The miteishuu is a group of kids that travel everywhere and guard smaller lands from evil that being done by the Lords. They introduce mokona to Chu nyan- she seems a little surprized-then they introduce themselves. The doors sudenly crash and Chy nyan says to Stay inside. A Blast of wind appears and Chy nyan states that its the Lords doing. The Lord now watches them, asking himself if they could really be the Miteishuu-but he states that wether they are them or not, that is not a problem because thanks to Sakura\'s feather- he is invincible.*evil laugh*

    We come back and Fai and kura-chan are fixing the house. They start to talk about how weird it is for Chu Nyan to be living alone-in such a big house. Fai replies with saying that her mother passed away. Then kura-chan asks why sakura;s always spacing out and Fai says its because they only have retrieved 2 feather-and Sakura does not have enough of her memory back to act normal(lol).Syaoran, Sakura and Chy nyan then go shoping-Sakura tries to play a game where u have to get only the yellow ball out-and Sakura retrieves 4 yellow ballsXDXDXDShe wins all of the First prizes- Sakura and Syaoran now have new clothes(they look so cuteXD) and Chu nyan states that Sakura must be one of God\'s Favorite Daughters-thats what they call people with really good luckXD. Then Sakura starts talking about her only two memories-her name and a desert town and then they all look depressed-but then she states that Syaoran will retrieve all of her memory.

    A Black smoke appears and the Lord\'s son appears with it-with Chy nyan\'s Mother\'s fan-he swings it and samurai appear and Syaoran jumps up and starts attacking them-*Flash Back* After flash back-Syaoran is still fighting and defeats them all. Then the Lord appears and he seems to be watching everything- he laughs And Wind appears- the wind smashes Syaoran and the Lord states-*Do u understand now.....this is our power(Sakura;s Feather).The Wind leaves and syaoran is left on the ground. Chy nyan stands infront of him and tells the Lord\'s son that that is her mother\'s fan. He laughs and throw it into the air- it gos toward the wind then it rippes-all of it-into a million pieces-she syas that the only thing she had left that was her mother\'s. the lord\'s son then starts to mock Chy nyan stating Are u mad-why wont u fight my father-u cant even lay a hand on him-can youU. She looks toward the ground and says that the Miteishuu will come-but the son just laughs-he leaves-. Chy nyan picks up the marble that was on the fan and grabs it tight-and starts to cry-She screams MOTHER.

    -THE END-moreless

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