Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Season 1 Episode 2

The Power to Fight

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Apr 16, 2005 on NHK Educational
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The Power to Fight
Transported to the world of ×××HOLiC, Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai D. Flowright ask the Space-Time Witch, Yûko Ichihara, to grant their wishes. Syaoran's wish is to travel to many worlds to restore the memories of Sakura; Kurogane's wish is to return to his own world; and Fai's wish is to travel to different worlds to avoid his own. Though their intents are different, the theme is the same and that is to travel between different worlds. However, they must all pay a price before their wishes can be granted. Kurogane's payment is his sword; Fai's payment is the marking on his back; and Syaoran's payment is his relationship with Sakura. Though hesitant about their payment, they pay up and are given Mokona Modoki to travel to the next world. After coming to, the gang find themselves in the middle of a gang war but instead of modern weapons, everyone is fighting with a special technique called a Kudan.moreless

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  • Nice!

    Ah, they all have to pay something really important to the Dimensional Witch, in order to travel through the different worlds and collect Sakura's feathers; which contain her memory, and they will also save her life, as she is currently dying. I found that part of the witch to be really cruel. I mean, sure, it makes up an extremely important part of the plot later on, but I still find it very cruel. Well, I guess that's just how things work.

    Ah, and when they travelled to the next world, and that fire fox thingy appeared; man that was cool! And the new world they arrived in looked pretty much like our world. Ah, and Syaoran's Kudan in the end was awesome! Yes, looking forward to the fight!

    Great episode, 9.1/10moreless
  • Amazing!

    First of all I would like to point out this is my favourite episode of the whole series because of it's cross over with xxxHOLiC but also because this one episode is one of the most important to the whole show as the introduction of Kodan which is a type of magical power is introduced (From Rayearth) and also we see the goals each character wishes to reach. My only critiscm on this episode is that fact that Watanuki is completed taken out of this scene which i didn't appreciate. He basically just stands there which is so unlike his character.moreless
  • Determination. Regardless one's own strength..

    Yuuko explains to Syaoran that Sakura’s memories have been scattered with the fragments of her wings, and she will die if they aren’t recovered from the various alternate worlds in which they have landed. In order to travel between all these worlds, however, the three travelers must give up their most important possessions - Kurogane’s katana (thank you all those who corrected me, I am officially a moron), Fye’s tattoo and Syaoran’s place in Sakura’s memories. After trading these in, Yuuko bestows upon the group a white creature called Mokona Modoki, who teleports them to a world called Hanshin where the inhabitants control special spirit creatures called Kudan - Syaoran is bestowed with an especially powerful one as he fights some street punks in order to save one of Sakura’s feathers.

    This was a somewhat odd episode, which really encapsulates a lot of the problems with Tsubasa both with regards to its source material and the anime itself. I still think the look of the show is excellent, with some pretty good artwork and animation, but there are moments where it’s just glacially slow panning shots with too much talking - the first half of the episode was at least written half-decently, because otherwise it would have been turgidly boring. I definitely like the acting, and aside from some stodgy moments of directing it’s a fairly well made show.

    But the problem is that it is Just Another Shounen Adventure, really, and I keep trying to expect something more out of Tsubasa that I’m not going to get. I think it just needs to keep the pace up, or if there’s going to be filler it needs to be action-packed, otherwise Tsubasa will get dragged out waaaay too much and Mashimo (the director) needs to be kept busy or the show will become too dreary and static. I will be continuing watching for the moment, but I guess I still have mixed feelings about Tsubasa Chronicle which hopefully later parts of the series will clear up.

    One thing I am glad about, though, is there ARE going to be moments of odd CLAMP-ish humour - hopefully Fye will get a bit more mischievous too, rather than sounding half asleep all the time, but Mokona is a welcome addition and Kurogane’s seiyuu is really doing a great job at his spazzing and his brashness.moreless
  • Good Episode...

    I love it when Syaoran gets in front of Sakura and puts out his hands to pretect her. It shows how much he loves her and well never let anything happen to her!!!! Man he\'s so kewl. lol. I wish a little more would have happen but it was awesome. :)
  • In the second episode, we see the mission that Syaoran will go on with his two companions. His mission was off to a good start but he got in between a gang war. We also see how much Sakura meant to Syaoran. I really love that part.moreless

    In here, we learn more about the characters. I really love how the screen zoomed up to Syaoran and the intense determination in his eyes when he said, "Help her. Please help Sakura." That part was great.

    I also really loved the conflict the character had within them when they had to give up something of sentimental value so they can travel to other dimensions. It was especially sad with Syaoran, it was like the second CCS movie again. You can see Syaoran hesitated slightly, but was determined to save her. I love that scene when he said Sakura was a very important person to him. I knew I was correct when I think they had feelings for each other.

    The other scene I really love was he had a feather but then the wind blew it away. At that time, a gang war was happening, yet Syaoran continued to chase the feather while dodging the blasts. I think it was so sweet of him, and it showed how much he cared for Sakura, to chase the feather regardless of the danger. He kept his eyes on the feather all the way through.

    I'm loving this. I love S&S. They're so kawaii.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The little fluffy sidekick called Mokona is identical to the one in Magic Knight Rayearth, except in Tsubasa Chronicle it can actually speak. Mokona also is named after Mokona [Apapa] a principal CLAMP writer, and the co-creator of the Manga.

    • Yuko tells them if they want to travel to diffrent worlds, the group must give up their most precious items. Kurogane's item was his katana sword, Gin-Ryu (Silver Dragon) Fai's item was the tattoo on his back that allowed him to use magic. And Syaoran's item was his relationship with Sakura. Yuko expains to Syaoran that she will never remember him, and even if they get all her feathers, all the memories of Syaoran won't be there.

    • In the last episode all three of them had to give up their most precious thing. In each world it seems they are given something precious which helps them accomplish the goal in that world. Seems like an interesting trade off.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • (As the group travel through the tunnel between worlds, Syaoran is approached by a fire ball)
      Syaoran: Th-that is...
      Syaoran's Kudan: Thou who wish to protect thine beloved in thine heart. I have been observing thee. Syaoran: You are...?
      (the fire ball takes on the form of a fox engulfed in fire)
      Syaoran's Kudan: I am the guardian of those who possess the Flame.

    • Yuko: (Talking to Syaoran, Fay and Kurogane) Mokona will bring you to other worlds, but he cannot control where you are heading. And that's why it's up to chance as to whether you wishes can be granted. But within those worlds, there is no such thing as coincidence. All there is, is inevitability. The fact that you've all met was inevitable as well. (holds out Mokona) Now, let's go forth! (the group disappears) May they have many delightful experiences on their journey.

    • Syaoran: How can I save Sakura? Please tell me!
      Yuko: In order to save her life, you will have to go through different worlds and collect her scattered memory fragments.
      Syaoran: Scattered memory fragments? (he remembers what happened in the ruins in Clow Country) So those feathers...
      Yuko: Yeah, that's right. If you manage to gather all those feathers, you will be able to save her life.

    • Yuko: Syaoran. For your sacrifice. I will have your bond.
      Syaoran: I don't understand.
      Yuko: Your greatest treasure is not an object. It is your relationship with that girl. So that is what you must give up.
      Syaoran: You mean never see her?
      Yuko: No, I mean no matter how many of her memories you retrieve, Sakura will never remember the bond you have between you or what you have been to each other. She won't remember you. Your relationship to her will be lost. Her feelings for you will be those of a stranger. And that, Syaoran, will be your sacrifice. You must ask yourself: What does she really mean to you?
      Syaoran: I don't have to. I already know.

  • NOTES (3)