Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Season 3 Episode 2

Tokyo Revelations: The Boy's Right Eye

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Jan 17, 2008 on NHK Educational
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Tokyo Revelations: The Boy's Right Eye
The adventure in Tokyo continues with Yuuko granting the other Syaoran's wish.
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  • For Thoes who are Fai lovers you may want to close your eyes. If you like the action you should defenitly watch this movie. I didn't like this part because of Shoran. If you haven't watched this movie you must tough. I loved the suspense.moreless

    The movie is about shoran, the person sakura and the others think they are with is really just a copy. The real shoran is locked up in a case. The cases seal is broken and shoran is free. X-yungho helps him get the the space-time witch. My fav. The black bunny senses his presense first. She grants shoran's wish and sends him to the tokyo reservor. There is a long epic battle in the water. I don't like that part because it's soooo comfusing. But the water is all lost when the real shoran apears. The real shoran takes fai and eats his eye. That is the part I usually zone out on. I don't wanna spoil it so you gotta watch the movie.moreless
  • The episode starts off with Syaoron Li, the original, asking Yuuko to send him to were his eye resides. she complies having already recieved payment from him.

    The episode starts off with Syaoron Li, the original, asking Yuuko to send him to were his eye resides. she complies having already received payment from him. The episode can get a little confusing if you haven't read the manga so here's some background information from wiki. Syaoran (小狼?), who also calls himself Syaoran Li after his father, is the original, who is initially seen trapped by Fei Wong Reed for the first part of the series, and he sometimes connects with the clone. He is sent to Yuko as a young child by his parents, and he is sent to Clow Country, where he meets Sakura. He is told that he will have to make a choice, which ends up being to return to Clow in order to save Sakura's life while being unable to return home. He tries to cure her for seven years, and because of a mistake, he fails to grab her hand before her death. Sakura's mother stops time right before the event, and Syaoran is granted a wish to turn back time by Yuko, but at the price of losing his freedom to Reed. Watanuki Kimihiro is created to replace Syaoran within his original world,[1] and Reed creates the clone of Syaoran to use as a pawn, but Syaoran manages to place some of his "heart" within an eye and insert it into the clone, making it so Reed cannot control it.

    I wasn't sure if I loved this episode or hated it(I'm a huge Fai fan). It was definitely a lot darker than the other two seasons. There was plenty of blood and some parts were quite grotesque. It's worth the watch, most parts had me on the edge of my seat i dont want to say much more otherwise I'll spoil it for you all. overall it was a thrilling episode with extravagant action scenes.moreless
  • Episode continuing from the OVA#1. Man, thats gotta be the best 30 minutes of Tsubasa ever released...so what I mean is...

    Production I.G brings out yet another outstanding OVA based on "Tokyo" arc from "Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles" manga by CLAMP. It starts with the end of previous episode and we get a big tear-jerking 30 minute-long ride through another portion of "Tokyo" material.

    Well first - we get to see one of biggest plot twists in anime history animated. Not many shows would just throw in a twist making one of protagonists into "badass" terminator-like clone entity. Not many shows would make this "now-bad" protagonist hurt nearly all other main characters.

    When compared with the 52 episodes of "Tsubasa Chronicle" this is VERY bloody. Bassically first half of episode is full of blood floating in the water, while the second part has characters riping out their own (or someone else's) eyes, eating them, stuffing into other character's face and etc...

    This, along with OVA1 is a turn-around point for the series. From where there won't be any more happy moments...

    As the slogan of "Tokyo Revelations" stated "Dream ends - Battle for survival begins"!moreless
  • Like, WHAOZ! This OVA got all scaries! PLZ watch!~

    Well, the other syaoran finally appears! But whoa, WAIT!! He's the real Syaoran???!!! O__O.... Well, Kamui had a twin brother sleeping in a cacoon under water. Syaoran goes there cuz there is a feather under the water. Fay goes cuz the gotz in a fight and Syaorans seal is broken 4 good. He rips poor Fay's eye out. "the source of hiz powerz" he says that "it is needed for his quest and *Syaoran eats it TT__TT...*poor sakura wakes up 2 see 2 Syaorans fighting and is like what the heck! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat will happen next!Poor Sakura iz in tears! This is really really strange.moreless

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