Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

Season 3 Episode 3

Tokyo Revelations: The Dream that the Princess Had

Aired Saturday 6:30 PM Mar 17, 2008 on NHK Educational
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Tokyo Revelations: The Dream that the Princess Had
Sakura goes alone to retrieve the price for the water Yuuko granted to devastated Tokyo. Will she be able to retrieve the price and come back unharmed?
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  • This was an amazing series and OVA, as usual, but seemed somewhat unfinished on some terms.

    As always, Tsubasa was, again, impressive. Though, however, It seemed somewhat incomplete through this ending. It was painful to watch, in a sense, because of the terrible things that happen to the group.

    In my case, I watched through the series, and somewhat felt like the characters were my friends, and watching them go through hardships like so was extremely saddening. The mood of the episode continued to darken as it continued, and in the end, I was hoping for the damper to lift, but instead, it seemed to only lighten on stress by the tiniest centimeter.

    One example would be Fai, who was our cheery friend, and although we couldn't expect him to be that way at all times, instead of darkening slightly, his mood somewhat went to the bottom of the scale. Of course, he still used his classic nicknames, and even though it was such importance to his character development, I was hoping that perhaps at the end, he would be just a little bit more happy. (I mean, yes, he lost his eye and became a vampire, but that doesn't require a DRASTIC mood change... Right?) Perhaps it was a bit to much to wish for him to be happy forever, but as I said earlier, doesn't it feel like these characters are close friends? We've followed their lives for at least a year, laughing and crying right along with them (if you're a sentimental viewer like me). I can't help but want their stories to end with a smile.

    Of course, there's Kurogane, who most definitely is more serious in the anime, is still lighthearted in a sense. Towards the middle of the second OVA, and throughout the third, all humor was lifted from his personality, and he made a huge sacrifice for Fai, who eventually had become his friend. Even though Kuro-pi was always much more down-to-earth than Fai, I missed the silly fights they got into. I know that they were in the middle of a decomposing city that rained acid every five minutes in a place with hardly any water, but the publishers could have at least tried to include a single joke in the third OVA. It made everything around me look depressing when I went to get water in the middle. I couldn't help but think "What if this water was in that place? They sure need it more than I do." Next, would be Sakura, who developed the most of all. No longer the girl who stayed behind, or the shy princess who hid behind others, she was given a chance to shine and display the courage that we all knew she had. She did, obviously, her best at everything she tried, and although she is considerably weaker than the others in her group, she still managed to do what she had originally set out to. I'm sure more than one of the viewers was proud of her. Although the dream sequences were a little bit... Awkward, unlike the others, at least half of her storyline was happy in an ironic and sadistic way. On the other hand, at least for a second, I wasn't completely depressed.

    Last, would be Syaoran. Oh god. I can't even explain how much his plot confused and awed me at the same time, though I do wish that they had managed to at least finish what happened to the fake Syaoran. Honestly, this part of the OVA series was SO confusing that at one point, I had to pause the video and bang my head into a pillow to get my head working again. I understand that everyone loved the fake Syaoran, but at the point it was at, they could have at least done the clique thing, and showed the group either beating the fake or restoring his heart that he was apparently "nurturing himself". (Even though the fake Syaoran ends up being a heartless killer). Tsubasa is another one of those many series that I'll likely never forget, and something that I'll want to treasure as another set of friend that I've made in the past couple of my otaku years. I'm saddened that it ended on such a flat note, but I was happy that I was able to follow the group through all of their trials and laughter.moreless
  • As the Production I.G brings tear-jerking story of "Tokyo" to close, we get an explanations to a lot of things

    So, the time came for the last OVA of "Tokyo Revelations". Last but great. Art quality still great as ever. It was nice to see the world, the "blood-drink" and the rain scenes. Nice great quality flashbacks too.

    Soundtrack - yet again outstanding. One or two new tracks and some of old ones - everything fitting the mood perfectly

    Characters - Well, character development continues. Kurogane really shines, as does Fai, when we see his drastic change in personality as his cheerful "mask" begins to fall. However, Sakura is the star of character development this time.

    A stubborn cute and sleepy princess no more! Sakura takes a drastic turns as she goes on dangerous journey to retrieve something for Yuuko...ALONE. Finally she gets a firm reason to continue travelling and a good and strong characterisation. Her VA continues to do the great job ever since the "nooo" scene in OVA2

    Story - FINALLY! Finally story progression. We get a lot of revelations. This is the most "revealing" part of "Tokyo Revelations" - we find out the reason on why bad guy is doing all this, Yuuko also reveals a lot of other things, including a small bit of Fai's past.

    Overall - great closing for great OVA. I certainly wish that Production I.G. would do the other worlds after Tokyo too.moreless
  • Alright. based on the stuff I alredy know. I did my best to translate the little that I could.

    Ok now. In the OVA, sakura's bravery is really put to the test. She offers to get this thing, ( not sure , think it is somekind of egg that can save the water.) It gets really bloody as she goes all by her lonesome to get this thing.

    She manages to get it, but has some super serious injuries from the mutant monsters. She shot them all to death!!! >:D......she drags herself back with the inspiration of a mysterious girl leading her way. (I bet you can guess who it is..... its her original self ^__^ ya know, that is so weird.) .........................................................................................................................Hope you weren't expecting much of my review. Geez, im only a kid. >.< but this is just too cool! oh, i forgot to tell you what happens to poor fay.....its cool go see the sub on thursday.moreless

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