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"Katey Sagal and newcomer Eli Marienthal star in a family comedy as seen through the eyes of a hopeful 14-year-old boy dealing with divorce, growing up and falling in love for the first time." "There's only one thing worse than your dad running off with a 26-year-old; moving in with your self-righteous aunt (Katey Sagal, Married…With Children, Futurama) who, despite her good intentions, thinks you're a troublemaker! Meet Tucker (Eli Marienthal, American Pie, The Iron Giant) an all-American kid who's keeping his chin up and his hormones down in a world that tries - but can't - push him around. As he and his mom try to make it on their own, Tucker remains upbeat despite his aunt and her annoying son Leon. In fact, he's already found a positive angle - McKenna, the girl next door. Hanging out with her makes everything great - that and his belief that good times are ahead." (NBC press release) Tucker is produced by Sudden Entertainment, in association with NBC Studios / Regency Television Broadcast History ----------------- Oct 2000, Mon 8:30-9:00pm Mar 2001, Tue 3:05-4:00am First telecast: October 2, 2000 Last telecast: March 27, 2001 Show type: Single-Camera Sitcom Number of episodes: 13 Media: Filmmoreless

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    • Everything about this show is funny. From the "thats a rule right there" quotes from Claire, to the downright stupidness of Leon.

      It is hilarious when watching the Piolet when you see Tucker talking about his crazy and anoying aunt. you know what is goin to happend but are still surprised when is acually happenes.

      I cannot understand how you do not like this show it is amazing in every way.

      I love to watcha Tucker lureing over Macenna the beautiful and perfectly formed. But alarmes ring when Tucker discoveres that she is going out with top movie star Seth Green.moreless
    • Blatant "Malcolm in the Middle" rip-off that never made it.

      Came out about the same time as MITM. Did some things differently but you could see through that. For example, the two lead actors were kid cousins, not brothers.

      For a comedy, it was sort of amusing. The young actor who played Tucker was talented for someone his age but he didn't have the same star power as Frankie Muniz and the show didn't carry.

      Interestingly, had this come out on the Disney channel or something, it might have been fairly successful. But for broadcast TV, I don't think too many adult audiences were interested in a show about a kid's life.moreless

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