Season 1 Episode 4

Big Putts

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 23, 2000 on NBC



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    • Script code: S105

    • Through the end of November, the network temporarily filled (or refilled) the time slot with Dateline and a new Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter special, before giving it to Titans. And then cancelling Titans and giving it to Mysterious Ways. And then pulling Mysterious Ways and...

    • This episode, along with that of its lead in, Daddio, rewarded NBC with their worst-ever ratings for regular first-run programming in the time slot. So it was no surprise to anyone when network executives yanked them both right off the schedule the next day. Although NBC spokespeople refused to come right out and say that Daddio and Tucker were cancelled, that much was obvious -- especially in Tucker's case. Given the embarrassing Nielsen figures the show pulled, and the fact that NBC doesn't do burn offs very often (case in point: Daddio, which had higher ratings), that the remaining nine episodes were burned off in season -- eight nationally; the ninth on some West coast affiliates -- suggests Regency managed to get NBC to sign a contract with a must-air clause. Must air somewhere, anyway. Now if only Touchstone could have been so insightful when they got NBC to sign for Daddio.

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