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AIRED ON 4/4/2015

Season 3 : Episode 14

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T.U.F.F., or The Turbo Underground Fighting Force, is a crime-fighting organization that enlists Dudley Puppy (Jerry Trainor, iCarly) as a secret Agent. He and his partner Kitty Katswell (Grey DeLisle) must protect their town, Petropolis from an evil organization called D.O.O.M. But, they have to learn to get along first! The series premiered on Nickelodeon on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 11:30 AM (Eastern) following the premiere of Planet Sheen.


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    • Not the worst nicktoon but not the best either

      Some of these episodes are pretty good and fun to watch. Others are pretty lame. After all, it's a comedy made by Butch Hartman who is still pretty high from success of his repetitive and overrated show the Fairly OddParents and is trying to repeat the same formula. Some of the characters like Kitty Katswell are pretty cool and likable while Dudley is as dumb as rocks in several cases. I mean who's 'brilliant' idea was it to hire Dudley? It shouldn't take a genius to know that he's lacking in intelligence, focus, and patience which should mean he won't make an ideal agent unless he drastically improves.

      Yes I know that is just a cartoon and it's not that bad but there's too much stupidity on Nickelodeon on as of now. A show can still be funny and enjoyable without stupidity. Still this show is a lot better than other shows on Nick right now.moreless
    • Literally a good show

      Just as good as "The Fairly OddParents" and "Danny Phantom". I love the series a lot, and some of the characters were funny as hell.
    • . puppy is bad

      nickelodeon why do you torture us like this?
    • Stop criticizing this great show!

      TUFF Puppy does not suck! If you want a Nick show that sucks then watch Robot and Monster, Breadwinners, Rabbids Invasion, Sanjay and Craig, Marvin Marvin, The Thundermans, The Haunted Hathaways, or any of those other crappy new Nick shows since 2008! And the rating for this show was actually at 6.9 before I voted! Now it's up to 7! Seriously, stop criticizing this great show! This is just like Liv and Maddie! A great show that's getting hated for no reason! But at least it's not a 5.8 like Liv and Maddie! Or even worse, a 3.8 like Teletubbies! But why must The Legend of Korra get an 8 and Avatar: The Last Airbender get a 9? Those shows suck! They're boring and stupid! I mean, airbending? What the hell is that about? But yeah, can we PLEASE keep TUFF Puppy at 7 and not 6.9? I mean, Marvin Marvin was at a 2 before I voted, and then it went back down to 1.9, but then I saw it go back up to 2! Why? Nobody import likes Marvin Marvin! Only losers like that show! I wonder is it the same losers responsible for this show going down who made Marvin Marvin go up! PLEASE make Marvin Marvin go back down to 1.9 or even lower! The lower the better is all I can about Marvin Marvin! But keep this show at a 7!moreless
    • This show is actually decent but still better than Skunk Fu.

      It's actually decent because of Kitty Katswell.

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