T.U.F.F. Puppy

Season 1 Episode 7

Chilly Dog / The Doomies

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 27, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Chilly Dog: The T.U.F.F. agents go undercover and disguise as ice skaters after the world's greatest figure skaters were kidnapped.

The Doomies: A disguised Dudley and Kitty attend the "Doomie Awards" an awards ceremony to honor villains.
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  • Chilly Dog was better

    Chilly Dog: In this episode, Dudley and Kitty go undercover and disguise as ice skaters after the world's greatest figure skaters were kidnapped. This was a perfect episode of . Puppy. It was enjoyable, awesome, and funny. The awesomeness were the skating scenes especially when Dudley and kitty skated in order to win the trophy. The funnies were several scenes such as Dudley eating Keswick's fish sticks, the running gags which were all hilarious (Dudley keep accusing the turtle and Kitty saying "I'll explain to him in the and the ending. 10/10

    The Doomies: A disguised Dudley and Kitty attend the "Doomie Awards" an awards ceremony to honor villains. I didn't liked the episode perfectly as the previous but it still has its moments. My only problem that this episode was boring at times and the last few minutes prove it. Funnies were Larry throughout the episode with sarcastic remarks towards Snaptrap, all the villains' acts, then Dudley and Kitty stop them, and the disguises that Dudley and Kitty wore attacking Keswick and the Chief. Overall, this was a great episode. 8.5/10moreless
  • "Chilly Dog" was perfect and "The Doomies" was great

    Chilly Dog: I thought that this was a perfect episode of "T.U.F.F. Puppy". It was hilarious when Keswick gave Dudley a princess outfit to give him payback for eating Keswick's fish sticks. It was very funny when Dudley shaved that gorilla. It was freakin' hilarious when Dudley kept accusing that old turtle lady. Dudley and Kitty ice skating was hilarious. It was very surprising that those bunnies were the ones that kidnapped everyone that were ice skating just so they can both win. It was very funny that Dudley got rid of that carrot bomb and then Dudley said "Excuse me". It was also funny that Dudley and Kitty won that ice skating tournament. It was hilarious when those animals bought food for Dudley because Dudley is still in that princess outfit and then Dudley says "I am never taking this off" at the end of the episode. Overall, a perfect episode of "T.U.F.F. Puppy". 10/10

    The Doomies: This episode was great BUT it wasn't as good as "Chilly Dog". This episode could have been a little better though because there were some scenes that just dragged a little and it was boring in some parts. Snaptrap having an award cermmony for the villains was pretty funny. I think the scene that I laughed the hardest though was when the Chief and Keswick were both stuck in those glasses. It was also funny that there were villains that look exactly like Dudley and Kitty except that they had the eye patches on. It was also funny that Dudley got a doomie that was actually a bomb at the end of the episode. Overall, this wasn't my favorite episode of "T.U.F.F. Puppy" but it was an overall great episode. 8/10moreless
  • A great episode and an alright one.

    Chilly Dog: I thought this was an excellent episode, and it's probably my new favorite of the series! The Dorothy Hamill parody was very clever, and there were other funny moments like Keswick getting back at Dudley for stealing his fish sticks by making him wear the girls' skating outfit and Dudley interrogating the turtle. It was also pretty shocking to see that the bad guys were actually the two rabbits. My overall grade for this episode is an A+! The Doomies was good, but nowhere near as great in my opinion. It had some good humor like the Chameleon turning into a parking meter and the Chief and Keswick getting trapped under the cups. I thought Snaptrap was being a little too annoying in this episode, though, and the ending was sort of cliched. Final grade: C+. Marebear2009, out!moreless
  • Dudley & Kitty infiltrate twice. Once, they try to figure out who are the evil skaters, then to foil the villians plans in the live Oscars-type award show for villians.

    Chilly Dog: Sooo someone is eliminating the favoirte couple in the skating tournament and Kitty & Dudley are sent to investigate. There they meet a couple of cute rabbits. Then every favorite mysteirously dissapreas to the point were they are kidnapped too. Turns out they were the rabbits, and they put a bomb to kill all ecopetitors. Dudley uses Keswicks skates to untie each other. the bomb fdalls on the trophy so D&K compete and win to get it. Dudley buries the bomb and the bunnies are arrested.

    The Doomies: Okay, swo the Doomies are today, and Dudley & Kitty are inflitrating (again) as Dr. Rabies & Madame Catastrophe, two forgein villians that are like their evil twins with patches & goaties. So Snappy wants to win as he never won. Bird Brain & Chameleon's plans are foiled, so Snappy thinks he'll win, but D&K foil him too. He is depressed when D&K come to consolate him. But the REAl Dr. Rabies & Madame Catastrophe come. They & Snap trap D&K. D&K escape & arrest all villans.

    Overall: Great. The Doomies was better, but Chily Dog had another one-shot villians. And Bird Brain is right, egg puns are egg-cellent! 9/10.moreless

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