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TUFF Bloopers

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    This is a topic where you can create your own fake bloopers for the show. Danny Phantom has one, Fairly Odd Parents has one, it's only fair that TUFF Puppy gets one too.

    So the way this goes is you pick an episode or it can be behind the scenes then a character messes it up somehow. Our director, Butch Hartman will yell cut then tell them what they did wrong or other things may happen depending on the situation. I'll post some an example.

    Dudley Puppy was a plain old mutt.

    Butch: Cut!

    Guy: Butch, we just started filming the theme and things are going smoothly, what's the problem?

    Butch: What do you mean what's the problem? I can't get away from it! No matter what show I direct the cast enjoys torturing me!

    Dudley: Don't worry Butch we won't give you trouble! *starts chasing his tail & running into various objects causing them to topple over while doing so*

    Kitty: Well, hopefully not too much trouble.

    So that was what I could come up with off the top of my head. For Danny Phantom, they gave him tons & tons of trouble. Fairly Odd Parents, not as much seeing as there's only about 6 pages of bloopers there & 71 pages of outtakes for DP. Yeah you can tell we had too much fun there.

    By the way, with Guy I meant Guy Moon seeing as he seems to work on almost every piece of music on Nickelodeon. I never paid attention to see if his name was in the credits for TUFF Puppy but I didn't think I would have to because it's almost illegal for him not to work on a Butch Hartman theme song. Hmm, now when I think about it, it seems Butch should have his own theme song.

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