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Your Very T.U.F.F. Hero/Villian

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    I got a good one:

    Name: Chuck Simian

    Gender: Male

    Species: Monkey

    Good/Evil: Good

    Superpower(s):Can scale high objects, is small, fast and agile, and can use his hands and feet to fire four weapons at once while he's balanced on his tail.

    Weakness(s):Gets easily desiccated by anything made out of bananas and video games.

    Bio: A young and up and coming agent who was inspired at a young age to work for T.U.F.F.. He just graduated from Secret Agent Collage and is eager to prove he has what it takes to be the best.

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    I've got two more.

    Name: Betty Battinova

    Gender: Female

    Species: Bat

    Good/Evil: Good

    Superpower(s): She distracts villains with her flying and sonar abilities. Despite the fact that she's a bat, she can see, even in ultraviolet light.

    Weakness(s): She tends to be incredibly sensitive to jokes about her species, especially the ones about her eyesight. Betty can be a perfectionist at times, not unlike Kitty, which makes it difficult for her to work with sillier, less serious people (i.e. Dudley, Annabelle (my alligator OC)). Despite her assertive personality, though, she's actually very kind and forgiving.

    Name: Charlotte Camil

    Gender: Female

    Species: Chameleon

    Good/Evil: Good

    Superpower(s): Like most other chameleons, she can change her skin color to match her mood or blend in with the surroundings. She is clever and can disguise herself in almost any persona.

    Weakness(s): She is physically unable to speak, and people have mistaken her for being cold and aloof, when she's actually very sweet, but shy. Even though she can sense other's motives, Charlotte tries to see the good in almost everyone, especially with Ollie (the tall rodent-like member of D.O.O.M.) and The Chameleon.

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    Name:Alex Orangebeak

    Animal: Pelican

    Good or Evil:Good now evil

    Job:Used to be secret agent movie star

    Reason for Evil:Replaced by a different star

    Powers:Made partly of juice and also has kung fu skills

    Story:Alex Orangebeak was a famous secret agent in the movies,but one day he was on his way home while Bird Brain was robbing a chemical plant. The truck Bird Brain was driving tipped the same time Alex's bottle of juice spilled into the chemical getting all over Alex. After the accident Alex was mixed with the juice and making him partly juice and also making him fall in a drain. 2 weeks past and Alex finally climbed out of the drain only to find that he has been replaced by a different star. Feeling angry Alex decides to get revenge on the new star. Dudley and Kitty investigated the 3 crimes, but don't find Alex. While at a party celebrating the new movie release Dudley and Kitty finally decided that the crimes were just accidents, until finally Alex reveals himself and tells his story. After telling his story he then says he's going to use the same chemical that made him part juice and potatoes to turn all of them into potatoes for his revenge. After planting a bomb on the pot with the chemical he then blocks all exits and disappears.Everybody in the house starts to panic while Dudley and Kitty are trying to think of a plan to escape.Meanwhile Alex is happily watching and waiting for the house to explode on a hill in a lawn chair. Dudley quickly grabs the bomb and puts it into the sink and tries stuffing it down the drain and fails. Kitty then tells him to dump the chemical down the drain instead of the whole pot,which he does. Dudley throws the bomb at the blocked out exit and everybody hides under the tables. The bomb explodes and the house crumbles with everybody safe. Meanwhile Alex laughs evilly until Dudley and Kitty show up. They then battle until Dudley pulls out a jar and traps Alex in it. Then back at T.U.F.F. Keswick builds cuffs that keep Alex from transforming into juice. They then cuff Alex with the special cuffs and drop him off at the prison.

    Episode:Revenge of the Juice

    Voice:Rob Paulsen or Mick Wingert

    Return:I say he should return to destroy T.U.F.F.

    This is a fanmade character by DimentioisGreat

    T.U.F.F. PUPPY is owned by Butch Hartman

    This idea is owned by Me

    I am a huge fan of T.U.F.F. PUPPY

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