T.U.F.F. Puppy

Season 2 Episode 4

Freaky Spy Day / Dog Tired

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM May 13, 2012 on Nickelodeon
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Freaky Spy Day: Jack Rabbit invites kitty to a relaxing spa day, but when Dudley is convinced he's up to no good he switches brains with Kitty and spends the day with Jack in Kitty's body.

Dog Tired: Snaptrap use's a dream machine to make Dudley's dreams so good he'll never want to wake up.

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  • A Very Nice Episode.

    Butch Hartman has done it again with these two episodes. In the first one, Dudley uses Keswick's invention to swap bodies with Kitty to protect her from Jack Rabbit. The running gag about men hiding nooddles in their pockets was a true kneeslapper. The second one was funny too, in which Dudley lives his worse nightmare, marrying Kitty. (Sorry, Dudley and Kitty fans). All in all, they were both very good episodes.moreless
  • Butch Hartman, you continue to make episodes like these very funny and entertaining. Keep up the good work!!!

    Freaky Spy Day: Jack Rabbit invites kitty to a relaxing spa day, but when Dudley is convinced he's up to no good he switches brains with Kitty and spends the day with Jack in Kitty's body. This was a perfectly made episode of "T.U.F.F. Puppy'. This is a perfect example that Butch Hartman really does a good job on this show. He makes this show more funnier and more entertaining than FOP even though this show can have running gags from time to time. But with FOP, it's like almost every episode has running gags, I don't hate the show though. I do really like FOP but I just think Butch Hartman does a better job with this show. Anyways, I really loved this episode. I loved the concept of Dudley switching brains with Kitty (yes we've seen these kinds of episodes a lot of times... don't say it but just the way Butch portrayed it was terrific) and it had a lot of very funny moments. I thought The Chief and Keswick's part in the beginning and the end of the episode were very funny. Dudley (in Kitty's body) spraining his ankle and says "Oh, I sprained my knee" (or something like that). Dudley being inside Kitty's body throughout the whole episode and maxing out Jack Rabbit's credit card was so hilarious... I just cracking up. I thought Snaptrap was very humorous here was well. I also enjoyed the last couple of minutes of the episode where everyone is just switching brains back and forth which was a very cool and smart plan. The episode was just all-around fun, terrific, and hilarious. If you want to watch an episode with a well done storyline and excellent humor then this is a the episode for you, watch it. Overall, a perfect episode of "T.U.F.F. Puppy". 10/10

    Dog Tired: Snaptrap use's a dream machine to make Dudley's dreams so good he'll never want to wake up. Once again, Butch Hartman is doing a terrific job with this show and doesn't disappoint or anything like that and does a better job with this show. From what I've seen at this point, a lot of people agree that this show is better than FOP but yeah you pretty much get the point. Just like the first pairing, this was another perfect episode of "T.U.F.F. Puppy" and it had a lot of humor. The storyline was... how you say?.... well-crafted, splendid, marvelous, etc. if you ask me I loved the idea of Snaptrap taking over Dudley's dream making him wanting to sleep forever and never wake up was really good. Snaptrap throughout the whole episode especially when he was trying to put Dudley back to sleep through the phone by singing "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep or I'll choke you" then the other villains look at Snaptrap and Snaptrap says "What! that's how my mom would sing it to me" (that cracked me up). Snaptrap adding cheese to Dudley's dreams to turn it into a nightmare when it's actually a dream come true for Dudley's dream was very funny. The whole "Dudley marrying Kitty" thing to get Dudlet disgusted and make him stay awake and funny as well. Everything else was either hilarious or just plain awesome. The very ending of the episode with the gang controlling Snaptrap's nightmare through the machine and Snaptrap's nightmare was that he married Larry. I definitely recommend this episode if you want to see something creative and funny. Overall, a marvelous episode of "T.U.F.F. Puppy"... watch it and love it. 10/10moreless

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    • Snaptrap: (pulls a blaster at Francisco) Give me your wallet, Francisco!
      Dudley: (appears via monitor) Don't even think about it, Snaptrap!
      Snaptrap: It's Woe!

    • Dudley: (as Kitty) Well, your fancy car doesn't impress me. I only came here to tell you, I want nothing to do with you! Oh, and to do this! (throws a glass of water at Jack's face) And this! (squirts ketchup) And maybe this, too! (pushes butter) And don't bother wiping your face 'cause I never wanna see it again.

    • Dudley: Anyway, I need to talk to The Chief and Keswick in private. It's man talk.
      Chief: Uhhh, yeah, right. We need to discuss manly things like ice dancing and how to make the perfect summer salad. (Keswick clears his throat to change the subject) I mean, hockey and fight club.

    • Jack: Kitty, its good to see you. I thought about you a lot while I was in the slammer.
      Dudley: (slaps Jack in the face; as Kitty) Well, you deserved to be in jail.

    • Kitty: (after Dudley blows up her phone) Dudley, what is wrong with you?!
      Dudley: What? Can't a guy just blow up his partner's phone without getting a third-degree?

    • Jack: (from answering machine) Kitty, it's your old partner, Jack Rabbit. I know it takes a lot of nerve calling you after I tried to drain your brain and sell your T.U.F.F. secrets to Snaptrap. After all, I could've left you an empty-headed moron like your partner, Dumply.
      Dudley: It's Dudley!

    • Kitty: (after looking in the mirror to find out the brain switching) That lame brian meant brains. Dudley!

    • Kitty: (as Dudley) Dudley, have you gone crazy? Why did you trade brians with me?
      Dudley: (as Kitty) Keep your shirt on. I don't want my Chinese noodles to fall out.

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