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  • Stupid, but hilarious oldschool comedy style.

    TUFF Puppy is not that great of a show, at all, in fact it feels like Butch's desperate attempt to make up for his not-so-great-anymore Fairly Odd Parents show, but what this show lacks in both originality & intelligence makes up for the hilarious comedic style it has. It is more violent, random, & slapstick like a classic Looney Tunes cartoon.

    For now that's all I can say about this show because even though I don't like it, I'd just sit through it for the laughs.
  • Not As Good As Butch's Other Shows

    I have been a big fan of Butch Hartman ever since I was introduced to Fairly OddParents at age 6. I absolutely adore Fairly OddParents (sadly which currently on hiatus) and Danny Phantom (sadly which has ended). Since I loved those shows so much, I was naturally excited for this show and to be honest, it wasn't as good as I expected. Don;t get me wrong, the show's not exactly bad but it's not good either. It's an okay show. It's not quite as creative as Butch's other shows. I mean, a kid who gets magical fairies who grants his every wish and a teenager who gets into an accident causing him to become a super powered ghost are really interesting and creative. This show on the other hand is a dog who fights crime with a cat. Plus, this show seems to focus more on humor than action. I have no problem with that since it works great in the Fairly OddParets but this is supposed to be a spy show so it should really be more action centered like Danny Phantom.
  • Nick's new hope.

    Hartman should lay down "The Fairly Odd Parents" and focus to this. Needs an improvement, once it's improved, this is Nick's LARGE AMOUNT OF HOPE.

    Plot: It's about the quirky dog, Dudley Puppy, who is associated with the organization that stops crime and other schemes that happen in the city.

    Character: Great, voicing is also great. Not too noisy or annoying. The characters have no backstory at all, but they have a complete detail.

    Humor: Also great, the things that happen are also crazy like Hartman does.

    Art: Very great, used the art of TFOP, and added a little improvement.

    Overall: 8.5. Hartman needs to raise this one. This is nick's hope.
  • The Only Good Show Past 2007 10/10

    I seriously don't understand why people are underrating this show. It's going to be cancelled and it's all your fault. Come on! This cartoon has the feel of The Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom mixed together. Oddparents being totally funny with a hint of action, Danny Phantom with a load of action with a few funny things.

    This show is seriously the last good show by Nick as of September 2013 (I have faith they will find their heads again one day) In 2007, they tossed out every good show for no good reason. Danny Phantom, Jimmy Neutron, Fairly Oddparents (originally), Drake & Josh, and more... I feel like Butch tried to put Nick back in the game with Tuff Puppy and people were so upset with Nick that they didn't even notice how great this show really is.. I mean it's creative, super funny, super actiony, it even has made catch phrases that will be remembered alongside "internet", "leaping leptons", and more! HI GI-GI!!!!! Well at least it will be remembered by those who know a good cartoon. Even all of the voices sound hilarious. I feel like I need to mention more of the greatest cartoons to ever hit the world from Nickelodeon like Spongebob Squarepants (only the episodes from 1999-2006), Rugrats, My Life As A Teenage Robot, Rocko's Modern Life, and more. Let's just say I like all cartoons except educational, new Nick crap, and certain others.

    Bottom line, watch Tuff Puppy. If you liked The Fairly Oddparents and/or Danny Phantom AND haven't lost your taste in good cartoons, you will love this show. Favorite episode: Mission: Really Big Mission. Favorite Villain: Snaptrap. Favorite good guy: Kitty.
  • From the creator who made the horrible dreaded Fairly Odd Parents and the half-assed Danny Phantom.

    This show is horrible, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!, HORRIBLE!!!! This person made the two horrible abominations that are FOP (which went downhill after four seasons) and Danny Phantom (which is one of the absolute worst shows ever).

    This show is ABSOLUTELY horrible. It does NOT deserve a 7! It deserves a negative infinity if you ask me. Please do not waste your time on this abomination, it will break your heart. Guess what channel this show is on? GUESS. And the answer is *drum-roll* NICKELODEON!

    Yep, this show is on the worst channel ever. I know, I'm shocked too. FOP and Danny Phantom were on nick too. Nick is absolutely HORRIBLE TODAY! They raped SpongeBob for god's sake! Every show EXCEPT FOR SANJAY AND CRAIG ON NICK SUCKS!!!! Robot And Monster, another great show was also unfortunately cancelled.

    You know that feeling you get when you see a bright colored show? EYESTRAIN! This show has bright colors and it makes me want to barf! The jokes are also horrible on this show, because, DUH, IT'S A NEW SHOW THAT WAS AIRED IN THE 21ST CENTURY!!! Many new shows in the 21st century suck, you know. It's like Nick isn't even trying anymore! In fact, it isn't! This show sucks and gets a zero from me. Finny, out and off to review PPGZ!
  • A huge disgrace to the spy genera

    Okay, this show is really messed up. I think that the theme of the show was spy but my title tells you my opinion on this show. Why do I think that? First of all, a spy is more realist than idealist as he has to take his missions seriously and eliminate threats to public safety. Duddly Puppy is an immature, toilet-humored and irritative dog who does`nt wear pants and chews his butt in public. Does`nt that sound like escaped mental patient behavior to you? Kitty Catswell (why are a lot of the main characters having last names that sound like thier spieces names?) is slightly more serious but only slightly. The flea, mite or whatever type of bug he is, is a very bad chief. He does`nt seem to e concerned with how dangerous private government threats can be. Plus, he can be so oblivious at times. Keswick is like Jimmy Nutron but he`s annoying. He talks funny, his inventions are boring and I dont even know what animal he is. Now that I ranted the hero`s, heres a bigger disapointment, the villians. None of them are convincingly evil. Snaptrap might as well be on Dumbest Criminals as he blabs to all his serious crimes before doing them and lives with his mom. The most antagonistic thing he did was throw Larry in the shark tank. James Bond could take down this rat with half an effort. Then we have his henchmen, who feel annoying when they talk. The chamilion has an icharus type suit (from Die Anouther Day) and he is not serious at being an antagonist easily. For example, if he tried to kill Kitty, why just blow her 9 times. Why not just get a gun? His ego also makes him unconvincing and he`s gross. The blue bird is also an upsetting villian. He`s Dr. No`s counterpart in this series but he keeps making dumb moves that make it easier for to defeat him. Speaking about let me talk about that. It`s a "top secret organization" yet the media visited it, some agents identities are known and its not a Turbo (as there is rarely any viechal usage) Undercover (Its easily visibal) Fighting Force (I`ve seen more climactic fights in the game Rouge Warrior). This show makes James Bond and all the other serious and convining spies look like Grade-A idiots. Again, this "hit show" is nothing but a huge disgrace to the spy genera. It deserves a score of 1 instead of a 007.
  • Not a bad show at all!

    I liked the concept of this show, so I decided to watch it. I know a lot of people hate this show, but I personally liked it. It's a nice combination of humor and action. And since Butch Hartman made it, it has that cool "retro" feel to it. Some of the jokes can be a little weak but I think it did well overall. A hell of a lot better than the show it aired with, that abomination Planet Sheen. I think that all the people hating on this show should watch some of Nick's half-assed cartoons (cough, FANBOY AND CHUM CHUM) and then think about how much worse this show could have been, because it's a pretty decent show in my opinion.
  • This is the worst show I have ever seen!

    HOW COULD THIS SHOW GET A GOOD 7/10 RATING??? This is the absolute WORST crap I have ever seen! This is just a show full of PURE TORTURE! They talking trash, and the characters are really boring and dumb! The creator of this crap needs to go to jail! I am NOT happy this was renewed for a third season! GRRRRRR!!!!! DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW, EVER!!!! If I could give it a negative rating, I WOULD!!! Just WHY?!?!?!?!?! WHY WERE THE GOOD SHOWS, LIKE VICTORIOUS AND ICARLY, TAKEN OFF FOR THIS?!?!?!?!?! LOTS OF CRUDE (more like RUDE) HUMOR!!!! Why the *** does everyone like this?!?!?!?!?!?! THIS IS NOT JUST BAD, BUT ANNOYING!!! THIS SHOW IS ACTUALLY A PIECE OF GARBAGE!!! I would rather watch shows from the 90's instead! I AM SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS SHOW!!! CANCEL THIS CRAP NOW!!!!!!!!!

    Rating: -1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10
  • A Breath Of Fresh Air

    Like a lot of people say the shows not perfect but it's not that bad ether I enjoy the show.
  • Another great cartoon from Butch Hartman!

    I can say TUFF Puppy is great cartoon. One of the best cartoons ever! I love The Fairly OddParents, SpongeBob SquarePants, and TUFF Puppy, too. Why: the jokes here are funny and actually make me laugh, the characters are likable and awesome, and perfect comedy-action combination. Nick and viewers should give TUFF Puppy more chances, because it has a lot of potential and creative stuff. 10/10!
  • It's ok

    This show is a new show starring Dudley Puppy (voiced by Jerry Tranoir) and Kitty Kittyton (or something like that.) They figh crime in the modern world of pets and stuff. The show is ok with sme decent plots and jokes. However, the characters (in my opinion at lease) are REALLY boring and generic, and often annoying to the worst degree. The action is really good though, and is the show's main saving grace. So overall, I enjoy this show to an extent, but it's really boring at times when it's focused on the action, but it's still ok for a new nicktoon I guess. 7/10 C-
  • Best Show of 2010!

    I Have MANY reasons on how this show is AWESOME:

    1. This show is VERY creative.

    2.The characters are original,no doubt.

    3. A decent (or possibly more than decent)few scenes of humor.

    4.It doesn't stink like Planet Sheen does.

    5. The plans that the villians have; very evil and / or ridiculous schemes.

    6. Dudley and Katswell always jump in to save the day.

    So, this is why T.U.F.F. Puppy is the most awesome show that has ever been created. I hope you have enjoyed my six reasons about why I think so. (Sorry about my poor review, I'm just used to writing like this.) Thanks for reading!
  • Finally, something decent on Nick

    I'm not a huge fan of . Puppy, but it's not bad compared to the other crap Nick has to offer. This show is actually worth watching, unlike crap like Fanboy and Chum Chum and Marvin Marvin.
  • I like Dora the Exlporer than this!

    Ok this is gay. Its dumb that they make this show go quickly. 10 mins to capturw i bad guy. Who calls a ciminal ( bad speller ) a bad guy? That is pretty stuipd if you ask me! And a refill and flood the dam button? GET REAL YOU IDOITS! The art designs are used in fairy oddparents, the music and jokes are USED OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! IT KILLS ME WATCHING THIS CRAP!

    No offense to all the fans out there! Everybody doesn't have the same ratings over it and you gotta accept that. =)
  • From Butch Hartman, the creator of "The Fairly OddParents" comes a new cartoon called "T.U.F.F. Puppy".

    This cartoon is awesome with very good jokes. I love that Jerry Trainor is the voice of Dudley Puppy, he is perfect for the role. I also thought Daran Norris was perfect as the role of "The Chief". This show has a lot of action and it's also very funny. I recommend this show to everybody. It isn't a bad show at all. I love T.U.F.F. Puppy just like I love SpongeBob SquarePants and The Penguins of Madagascar. Everyone will enjoy this show. If you don't like this show then you must out of your mind. It feels like a classic cartoon and I think the villains are perfect and funny. I am not usually into these action-packed cartoons BUT I just took the time to really enjoy "T.U.F.F. Puppy". Overall, it's an awesome and very funny show and everyone must give it a chance. 10/10
  • It's about time Nickelodeon put a good Nicktoon on.

    I watched this show over the weeked and I like this show. It's about time Nickelodeon put a good Nicktoon on. How long has it been since Nick has had a good Nicktoon? It's been probably about 4 years since Danny Phantom was on. Spongebob is still a good Nicktoon, but the old episodes are a lot better than the new ones. All right, this show is about Dudley Puppy (voiced by Jerry Trainor) who joins the organization T.U.F.F. and partners with Kitty Katswell to protect civilians from evil. This show follows the concepts of "Get Smart," which I thought was pretty funny at times only this time with animals instead of mortals. The humor in this show is to die for. Dudley's wackiness and short attention span will make you laugh at the situation. Poor Kitty, she's always the victim of Dudley's idiocy. The music in this show is good, but I don't really care about most of it. The characters in this show are great. Dudley looks good in a black shirt and Kitty is sexy. Anyways, I recommend watching this show because this one of the only good Nicktoons that air on Nickelodeon today.
  • Not perfect by any means, but still good.

    I feel we're living in a time where modern cartoons are really loosing creativity and effort. It's rare when you come across a good modern cartoon. However, this show is one of the good ones. This show is created by Butch Hartman, who we all know as the creator of suchs shows as "Fairly Oddparents" and "Danny Phantom." In my opinion, this is his best show. It's about a puppy who is a secret agent. That's about the gist of it. This show has a few great things going for it.

    1. Grey Delisle is the voice of Kitty Katswell, and she brings that character to life.

    2. The show is an action/comedy. I'm always a sucker for those.

    3. The show doesn't contain much off color humor.

    4. The villains are hilarious.

    5. This cartoon is really violent. I can't believe they get away with some of the violence that happens on this show.

    However, with the shows positives, it has a few negatives.

    1. Jerry Trainor. He's not as annoying as he is on "iCarly," but he's still annoying in this show.

    2. In typical Butch Hartman fashion, some of the jokes on each episode pop up again later on. I find that to be lazy writing.

    3.The plots are one dimensional, but I think the humor makes up for it.

    4. There are sometimes when this show has gross jokes... They're not very pretty.

    5. Minor nitpick, but I feel Snaptrap is used a little too much. I'd just like to see more of the other villains.

    So, anyway. This show is nowhere near as good as other modern cartoons like "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," or "Gravity Falls," but it is sure as heck better than a lot of the crap Nick airs now. So, if you like cartoons, I suggest giving this one a try.
  • i dont lknow.....

    It sort of depends on who u r. U like SOME funny action and comedy? G4u. Watch it. Or r u like me and almost hate it but can bear it? Stick to something else and dont bother with this.
  • Not Butch's Best

    I was never really into all the spy and secret agent stuff, but this takes the cake.... THE CAKE IS A LIE ._.

    Anyways, I liked Butch's older work, like the Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom. Honestly, Butch being one of my favorite cartoonists along side Seth McFarlane, I gave this show a couple chances, but every time I just got bored out of mind, and had to shut it off.

    The charaters are cleche, and I don't really like them.

    Honestly, it's not all bad. I like the idea of all the charaters being animals. I love those kind of cartoons, but the show alltogether is lame. No offense to Butch Hartman.
  • This show is pretty good. .__.

    This show is pretty good. .__. better then the garbage nick be showing like fanboy and chum chum, The show is about a dog named dudley who works with his Partner Kitty, in T.U.F.F,they go on missions to stop bad guys etc,its a pretty good show i reccomend u atleasttry it,shame they canclled it,i would of liked to see more~
  • A good cartoon? It's also on Nickelodeon? Hopefully this is the beginning of a new era for them.

    Butch Hartman manages to give Nickelodeon a good show that has long since been overdue. Yeah, you got Spongebob and Penguins of Madagascar, but T.U.F.F. Puppy brings in new originality and good comedy. The show is about a dog named Dudley who goes to work for an agency called T.U.F.F. and with his teammate, Kitty, they fight against D.O.O.M. and other villains. The show has a great amount of comedy and randomness form all the characters that will make you laugh. The episodes are a little bit generic but there are more original episodes then there are stories of been there, done that. All the characters are funny and are likable, each with a unique trait to them that just makes them great. Dudley is random and funny, the leader of D.O.O.M. (can't remember his name) is naive and funny as well, and the scientist for T.U.F.F. always stutters and can be humorous from time to time. The animation remains true to the creativeness that Butch had in his other shows. Overall, a really great show and hopefully, Nickelodeon can build up from this show and create more good shows like this. Thank you Butch Hartman for giving another good show, bravo to you!
  • Just why?

    the good shows were taken off for this?!? what in the name of fluoride is going on?!?
  • Why I hate the Disaster that is T.U.F.F Puppy

    I have always hated Fairly Odd Parents's New Seasons, Mostly because the Jokes are always used over and over, the Pilot Episodes are always the best out of all the Fairly Odd Parents because it was before the "genius" writer who thought that was a good idea. But as Fairly Odd Parents have been cancelled, [at least, from what I know, If it is, thank god.] guess what monstrosity came to us. TUFF Puppy. First of all, WHY ARE THEY KEEPING THE SAME SCRIPT WRITER WHEN THAT WAS THEIR WORST PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE?! I mean, I get the crude humor, and there has to be a run on joke once in a while, BUT WHY USE IT SO GODDAMN MUCH?! That isn't making the joke any fresher! Secondly, the solutions are too stupid! In one episode, the problem is solved by [get ready for this] A "REFILL THE DAM" BUTTON! Are you fucking kidding me??? And you thought that was the worst part? Earlier in the episode he bought some magic beans, but somehow, right how they are thinking how to get the pedestrians out of the town, IT SO TURNS OUT THE BEANS WERE MAGIC ALL ALONG. Believe me when this isn't the first time that this happened [It also happens in the episode where they have a cloning device]. In the episode where the TUFF building [because, you know, secret agencies are always towers, and never hidden]

    flies away, HOW IS IT THAT DUDLY CAN JUMP 4 STORIES HIGH!? Sure, dogs jump high, but what kind of dog jumps so high it can reach a building that is slowly flying away? This as much sense as to why there exists a villains' award show and why the agency is named TURBO UNDERCOVER fighting force [Why Turbo Undercover? There has only been one episode where they are undercover, plus, why add Turbo before that? They aren't racing to arrest the enemy]. The final problem I have with this God-awful show is why do you make the villain dumber than rocks! It is often that some shows have this element, but In this case, it's his stupidity that leads TUFF to Victory. Plus, Rattrap isn't the only one that acts like an idiot, all of the major villains are like this! I'm actually surprised that Butch Hartman thought it was a good idea to get the same goddamn people as before [Fairly Odd Parents's New Seasons]! Its like the Script Writer was a Stuck up Child, that if you don't like his ideas, he will whine and whine until you actually do it! I'm not blaming Butch Hartman for all this, but I just wish he can see the disasters that his team made. I'm Glad TUFF Puppy was taken off the air, but the one thing I want to see gone is the series that started all of this shit in the first place, Fairly Odd Parents.

    Fuck me both are back...
  • Hartman has really run out of material

    Potty humor, absolutely ***ed "plot", zero character development.

    It makes me want to rip out my hair.
  • Ok. I am going to f*cking rant about this show because I hate it so bad.

    Ok, lets get started with the characters. Yes?

    Duddley Puppy: A really annoying god damnn motherf*cking mutt.

    Kitty Katswell: A little cat who thinks she knows it all and she thinks she's smarter than Duddley and pretty much brags.

    Chief: Why in the flying fu*k would a little nasty roach be called a chief? More like Cockroach.

    Ok. Let me start.

    Duddley, stop. JUST STOP. First, you can't make any good jokes that appeal to a 10 year old. Your jokes are for 5 year olds. Why do you make potty jokes all the time like "Butts" and, "farts". Ok then, hahahahahaha, that's so fu*king fun- NOT. More like it was funny if I was 4. We're grown up and more mature, we don't want 5 year old crappy potty jokes, we want actually funny jokes. GTFO and go back in your mutt house, or go on Nick JR. where you'll actually be amusing little kids instead of failing us.

    Kitty Katswell, Stop acting like you're better than everyone else here. You're always such a fu*king buzzkill. Whenever Duddley actually has a good idea but it involves something a little dangerous, you're like, "NO LISTEN TO ME I'M THE BI*CH QUEEN HERE I'M BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE SO JUST LISTEN TO MY BUZZKILL PLAN THAT INVOLVES SAFTEY!" Look, life is short you little cat, and if you're not willing to take the most little risk ever, then you must have a boring life. You might aswell go back in your litterbox and eat your own sh*t, dipwad.

    Chief, look, if you were a chief then you would fight here and there instead of sitting in your office ordering people around you little pest! "Oh, but I make up the missions and I'm incharge." OK, easy for you to say considering the fact you're a boss and you don't have to do anything but sit back behind your desk and tell people what to do. LIKE you control their lives. OK. OK, THAT'S NOT BEING LAZY A**, HUH?
  • Two words:

    This series has action and is funny. This is a weird combination that rarely works. But this time they nailed it.
  • I thought it was going to be bad. My predictions we're absolutely correct.

    This is without a doubt one of the worst animations ever made by Nickelodeon or the animation world in general. How could someone like Butch Hartman the creator of Fairy OddParents a good show go to this sort of low? The writing is absolute garbage every joke is how Dudley Puppy (the main character) is a dog and then after that 5 year old toilet humor. The animation is mediocre Fairly OddParents obviously had way better animation than this junk and one of the worst parts is the voice acting. Jerry Trainor is f**king TERRIBLE. He can't do voice acting for the love of god in heaven. Everybody else in this show is the same. They act like they're voices sound like they're about to die it's horrible. I'm going to give this new generation diaherria 2.0/10

    My reccomendations on actually GOOD new generation kid's shows that act like something from the 90's and have real humor
    Regular Show
    Fish Hooks
    Adventure Time
  • When the going gets ruff, you gotta get T.U.F.F.!

    Let me start off by saying that I love T.U.F.F. Puppy! Lately Nick has shown mostly Spongebob and live action shows that I don't care about, but this show gives me hope for this channels future. T.U.F.F. Puppy is about a dimwit dog becoming a secret agent for the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force. Along with his partner Kitty Katswell they protect they're city from the forces of evil. T.U.F.F. Puppy is a very entertaining and likable show, anyone who loves the work of Butch Hartman and is looking for something new and refreshing on Nick I suggest you go check this out.
  • Why does everybody like this?

    I am a fan of Butch Hartman! His animation is amazing! His 2 best shows are Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom. This is his 1st stupid show! Its childish and annoying! Nickelodeon is doing horrible on good shows now! Except the only two good shows are Legand of Korra, Kung Fu Panda: Legands of Awesomeness and Penguins of Madagascar. Dreamworks makes spinoffs of Dreamworks movies in a good way. Those I'll continue watching! But this is currently the 5th worst show on Nickelodeon! 1st is Fanboy and Chum Chum! I despise that show! Then 2nd is planet sheen even though it was just taken off of nickelodeon and brought to nicktoons. 3rd is Winx Club, I'm a boy and I never like shows with girl fantasy. 4th is the Mighty B! Its gross and I'd rather be stung by a bee than watch that show! I've never seen a show this childish before! Who likes childish shows? Plus its replacing Rocko's Modern Life! I love that show but this show is 50% ripoff of Rocko's Modern Life and 50% ripoff of Fairly Odd Parents! I looked at reviews that say they don't like Fairly Odd Parents anymore because of T.U.F.F Puppy! That's what I hate the most about this show! It steals fans from one of my all time favorite cartoons, The Fairly Odd Parents! One reason why I despise T.U.F.F Puppy with all my heart! Plus I hate how the Dog bites his own butt. EEWW!!! Don't think Dark Harvest from Invader ZIM Is gross. Now This show really is gross! Potty Humor is disgusting! Plus Dudley is upset about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!! When this show came, Nickelodeon was a bad channel, Now Its getting even worse!! Jerry Trainor is horrible at acting! Except on Drake and Josh and iCarly. I'm so sick of cartoons about fighting crime and heroes saving people! I hope this show gets canceled soon! Before the world ends in 2012!
  • When the going gets TUFF then dudley gets Ruff and ready to make us LOL :-)

    This is the best cartoon to ever come on television for me since spongebob squarepants which is becoming a little tedious latley. If you loved watching fairly odd parents or like spencer on icarly and even more so like cartoon dogs then you'll love this series. I find that this series has elements of both fairly odd parents humour and also WB loony tunes series of cartoon type humour in it as well but with modern and classic comedy with twists mixed in. I only really watched it because I knew it was made by butch hartmen and I loved fairly odd parents but not really danny phantom but I found that every few seconds I find bits in thats really makes me laugh that I can relate to with dudley as a 20 something year old( protagonist) e.g. His mum walking in on him in his room telling him too clean up and dudley responding "THIS IS MY PRIVATE TIME!!!" LOL Its a brilliant but there is room for inprovement but if it carries on like it is doing then I'll change the score to a 10 but if you loved fairly odd parents, like icarly (Jerry Trainor provides the voice of dudley BTW) then give this ago, some people don't like it because of fairly odd parents being better but thats because it came first but if you love it and danny phantom then you'll love this, it may not be the best but it is by far from the very worst cartoo
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