T.U.F.F. Puppy

Season 1 Episode 4

Toast of T.U.F.F. / Share-A-Lair

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 23, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Toast of T.U.F.F.: Keswick invents an artificial intelligence toaster, named Rita, capable of doing much more than making perfect toast. When the toaster malfunctions and goes out of control, it's up to Dudley and Kitty to save the citizens of Petropolis.

Share-A-Lair: T.U.F.F and D.O.O.M. are forced to share offices after destroying each others headquarters.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • They were superb

    Toast of T.U.F.F.: This episode was superb. It isn't my favorite episode, but the plot of Kelwsick inventing a toaster was interesting. My score is low because I didn't laughed very much and as well, I knew Rita would be the antagonist for this episode. The only funny moments were some of the running gags used in this episode, and a couple I couldn't remember. Overall, a superb episode...could have been better though. 9/10

    Shair a Lair: I thought this was a superb episode, like the last one. It is kinda overrated, so I took off 5 points for that. Also, that running gag when the elephant freaks out when someone said mouse got old after awhile. Other than that, it was an enjoyable and it got more funny parts than the last one. It was funny seeing TUFF and DOOM destroying their HQs and their they had to share a HQ. Chameleon being the bunny the whole was hilarious. Also, I thought that the Brady Brunch (although I kinda never watched that show) parody was great. Overall, a superb episode. 9/10moreless
  • "Toast of T.U.F.F." was great but I thought "Share-A-Lair" was better in my opinion

    Toast of T.U.F.F.: I thought that this was a great episode but it's not my favorite "T.U.F.F. Puppy" episode. I thought the joke about Keswick's hologram was funny the first two times but then they overused that joke and it was tiring after awhile. It was funny when everyone freaks out over the littliest things that are broken in T.U.F.F. such as the toaster and everything else. It was funny when Dudley and Kitty can't tell what kind of animal Keswick is. It was funny when Snaptrap was going to blow up the moon because he thought it was made out of cheese. It was funny when Dudley had to be the toast to distract Rita (the toaster). The ending was also funny when Dudley said Keswick laid an egg. The only thing I found stupid about this episode was that Dudley and Kitty got fired and have the position of serving food at the cafeteria while Rita (the toaster) have their positions... that just bugged me alot and I found it to be stupid. Overall, a great episode of "T.U.F.F. Puppy" but it could have been better. 8/10

    Share-A-Lair: I thought this episode was better than the first pairing of "T.U.F.F. Puppy" in my opinion. I thought it was funny that T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M. have to share a lair after both of their headquarters got destroyed. I thought it was funny when Snaptrap was at the salon. I thought that the parody of "The Brady Bunch" was a funny and brilliant idea. I thought it was hilarious when T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M. were pranking each other. Dudley also prank calling Snaptrap was also hilarious. First time, Dudley said "Is I need a bath there?" and then Snaptrap says "I need a bath" and Dudley says "You sure do". Second time (ending), Dudley said "Is I am stinky there?" and then Snaptrap says "I am stinky" and then Dudley says "You sure are". It was surprising that the Chameleon was Annie (I honestly did not see that coming). The elephant jumping because she sees a mouse was very funny and then she stepped on the Chief the first time and then the Chameleon. The raisins joke was also funny but kind of gross. Overall, a perfect episode of "T.U.F.F. Puppy". 10/10moreless
  • Two more great episodes, especially Share-A-Lair!

    Toast of T.U.F.F: For the most part, this was a great episode. Like every other episode, it had some very funny moments like everyone getting upset about the toaster not working and Dudley having to eat all the peanut butter out of the jar. I also thought it was funny how Snaptrap thought the moon was mocking him. However, by the middle of the episode, it started to get kind of weird. I didn't like how Rita took Dudley's and Kitty's jobs, and her becoming evil didn't really make sense to me. I also predicted Rita had actually killed Keswick's hologram instead of him before it was even revealed. The very end was hilarious, though. Final grade: B. The latter episode, Share-A-Lair, was even better! The plot of T.U.F.F and D.O.O.M having to share an office was a brilliant idea, and I thought it was hilarious how they kept blowing each other's offices up and T.U.F.F eventually ended up in the dump! The Brady Bunch parody was also very clever. Another thing I didn't see coming was the realtor actually being the Chameleon! That was a very interesting twist in the plot. The only thing I didn't like was the raisins joke near the end. Overall grade: A-. Marebear2009, out!moreless
  • R.I.T.A. the toaster goes berserk & T.U.F.F. & D.O.O.M. are forced to share HQs.

    Toast of TUFF: So, yeah, the toaster is damaged, and every agent is in crisis because apparently the toaster is vital on a spy HQ. Keswick repairs it and adds some upgrades (big mistake, Keswick). The toaster (now named RITA), begins to do everything, even catch the bad guys before Dudley & Kitty do. So when prtesting, RITA (now vice-cheif) makes them lunchmen. Soon, at night, RITA sucks all electornic becoming like Tuff Puppy's own Technus. Dudley then remember that Keswick said RITA's main aim is to toast, so Dudley disguise as a slic of bread and leads RITA to a cliff. Then RIT & dudley fall cept thaT Kitty saves Dudley.

    Overall: Pretty good episode. I liked this one-shot villian (for now..) because it was a breath fo fresh air. Good jokes (paper cups! paper clips! paper cuts!) & WTH is Keswick?!

    Share-A-Lair: AKA The awesomest episode. So TUFF & DOOM's new field agents, Weasleman & Rodenski, make TUFF & DOOM send missile attacks to each other, until there are no more rentable HQs. So Bunny the myserious real estate agent rents them an office...but they have to share with DOOM. After an awesome Brady Bunch song & a prank montage, we get to DOOM & TUFF pointing at each toehr with guns when they are out of ammol. So, Bunny comes to give them ammo, with they find suspicious. Turns out she is the Chameleon who wanted to take revenge on both (he also was Weasleman & Rodenski). Then Dudley tricks Chameleon into beomcing Rodenski & the elephant agents stomps him. YEAH SHOT!

    Overall: Best episode ever. Everything from the song, to the plot, to the jokes. Only complaint: Larry's "raisins". But still 10/10.moreless

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