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  • Season 1
    • Bigg Freeze
      Bigg Freeze
      Episode 13
      The famous liner known as Vienna is on her way to Bigg City Port! Although everyone is excited, they aren't necessarily ready. Lillie Lightship is out of fuel, and the only fuel around is in the possession of Zorran...
    • Regatta
      Episode 12
      Its the 4th of July, but not everyone is too cheerful. Lillie Lightship is sad about being to far from Bigg City Port to see the fireworks. The Star Fleet are also sad because Grampus, the friendly midget submarine, is considered too old for the Navy, and is about to be destroyed...moreless
    • Munitions
      Episode 11
      The two fleets are helping out the navy by handling the munitions. Being himself, Bluenose tries to demand control of the operation. This isn't necessarily his brightest idea, and he may have to learn the hard way to be safe around fire and explosives...
    • High Tide
      High Tide
      Episode 10
      The Star Fleet & the Z Stacks are competing for the steel contract. The Steelworks are moving, & whichever fleet can transport the most steel in one day wins the contract. While transporting their steel, Zebedee & Zak decide to cut through the canal, since it's just wide enough for them. However, with their tall load, the high tide, & the low railway bridge, as well as Top Hat coming through as well with Lord Stinker, it may not be such a bright idea...moreless
    • Warrior
      Episode 9
      Warrior is determined to have a day without accidents but on this particular day, he experiences nothing but accidents. When Izzy Gomez tries to get into port, he crashes into rocks threatening to crush Ten Cents, Warrior proves to be the hero.
    • Up River
      Up River
      Episode 8
      Big Mac and Sunshine are clearing a log jam up river. Sunshine rams into the logs and the logs toppled over, trapping Sunshine. Ten Cents arrives to help them. Billy Shoepack comes along with dynamite while they are thinking of a plan. Ten Cents suggests they use dynamite to free Sunshine. The plan works but the unjamed logs float towards Uptown, threatening to crush the everything. The three Star Tugs ask Puffa the train to go to Uptown where Warrior, O.J. and Top Hat are.

      The tugs at Uptown get Puffa's message and Warrior comes up with a plan which works, he sends the logs towards a warehouse that needed demolishing. At the end of the day, Ten Cents and Sunshine learnt that logs could be dangerous.moreless
    • Ghosts
      Episode 7
      Big Mac goes back to the pier one night when he sees what look to be ghosts. He tells the rest of the Star Fleet but they don't believe him. The next night when O.J., Warrior, Top Hat, Zorran and Izzy Gomez see the ghost tugs for themselves, they change their minds. Ten Cents and Sunshine even saw a galleon but the next morning Hercules explains to them its the 'White Fleet' from the North on the trail of an ice-berg.moreless
    • High Winds
      High Winds
      Episode 6
      Out in the estuary is the notorious gangster named Johnny Cuba hatching a plan. Johnny Cuba was once a friend of Captain Zero, so with Captain Zero forbidding Zebedee to help him after an argument years ago and Johnny Cuba threatening him, Zebedee is pretty much cornered. Will this criminal be caught? And will we discover a more sensitive side to Zebedee...?moreless
    • Quarantine
      Episode 5
      The heat wave of Bigg City Port, that has been causing disease for several ships, is perhaps the least of the Star Fleet's worries. O.J., the fleet's oldest tug, is perhaps the unhappiest of them all; he is the target of the scrap dealers!
    • Jinxed
      Episode 4
      One night Ten Cents and Sunshine encounter a down on his luck tugboat named Boomer who believes he's jinxed. Ten Cents and Sunshine take him to the Star Pier. He helps the Star Fleet and Z Stacks out but things keep going wrong. Sunshine finds the jinx which is Ten Cent's whistle. Boomer takes a schooner out to sea (Ten Cents wont cause the jinx). But the schooner gets struck by lightning. Captain Star decides that Boomer should never be a tugboat again. Ten Cents and Sunshine fear the worst.

      They both find out soon that Boomer is to be a houseboat up river. When The two stars take him there, they find out that Boomer is no longer jinxed. So the two stars leave Boomer to get on with a jinx-free life.moreless
    • Trapped
      Episode 3
      The Star Fleet and the Z Stacks are both doing work up river. Zorran has a plan to get more work for the Z Stacks. While he and Zug tow an old tramper to the Breakers' Yard he jams the tramper to block the river, trapping Zug, Big Mac, O.J., Top Hat and Sunshine. The trapped tugs get help from Billy Shoepack the alligator tug. Zorran later on goes to the blocked tramper to salvage it so he can get money for it. Billy Shoepack uses dynamite to free the tugs. When the dynamite goes off Zorran ends up on a small rock. The trapped tugs are free and they thank Billy Shoepack for his good work.moreless
    • Pirate
      Episode 2
      Barges that Ten Cents have been working with are being stolen and Ten Cents is the suspect. As punishment, Ten Cents is put on dredger duty which is not a pleasant job. Barges carry on being stolen so an unlikely alliance between the Star Fleet and The Z Stacks is formed to catch the thief.

      Grampus the midget submarine has done a bit of sleuthing. He tracks down the thief who turns out to be a pirate named Sea Rogue. He is being made to steal those barges by some villains who have his uncle hostage. Grampus tells this to Ten Cents and Sunshine, they find Sea Rogue when he is out looking for barges and all four, by using Zip and Zug put an end to the villains' stealing and Sea Rogue's uncle is saved. The Next day Sea Rogue and his Uncle thank Ten Cents, Sunshine and Grampus and they head up river.moreless
    • Sunshine
      Episode 1
      We are introduced to Captain Star's Star Fleet, which is not only is going to guide the Duchess Liner into Bigg City Port, but adding a new tug to their fleet, whose name is Sunshine. However, the scheming Captain Zero & his Z Stacks plan to get the Duchess contract instead, by whatever means necessary! Will Sunshine's accident with docking Duchess turn the rest of the Star Fleet against him, or will the only witness, Izzy Gomez, prove that it was Zorran who caused the accident...moreless