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Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Tuesday 3:30 PM May 30, 1989 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Big Mac goes back to the pier one night when he sees what look to be ghosts. He tells the rest of the Star Fleet but they don't believe him. The next night when O.J., Warrior, Top Hat, Zorran and Izzy Gomez see the ghost tugs for themselves, they change their minds. Ten Cents and Sunshine even saw a galleon but the next morning Hercules explains to them its the 'White Fleet' from the North on the trail of an ice-berg.moreless

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  • The Ghosts are coming to haunt the Tugs!

    This episode is exciting and scary at the same time! Scuttlebutt Pete is telling the TUGS scary ghost stories. At night, Big Mac thinks he sees Ghosts as a result of the story. He tells the others about the ghosts and they don`t belive him. The next night, Ten Cents and Sunshine have to deliver Oil to Lillie Lightship. To their shock, they see the Legendary Galleon come up out of the water! They are scared out of their stacks! :P The Galleon is struck wit lightning and then King Neptune`s face appears out of the clouds! The next day, the tugs are worried about the ghosts when Hercules comes to tell them about what really happened. The Tugs are still shocked about the disaster but they now know that it was all nothing!moreless
  • Scared me out of my stack!

    I said that I wouldn't be scared by this...

    After work with Scuttlebutt Pete, Big Mac thinks he had seen ghosts but the others just laugh him when he informs them. However, a series of events, including a free tow, trapped schooners, and a visit from King Neptune shows the rest of the star fleet that Big Mac may have been telling the truth. Can they get out of the fog-driven madness?

    Scary! That easily sums up this episode. I found that the only major disappointment was that the animation, though effective, was a bit weak. But I loved how the whole Star Fleet was used and how well the ending and galleon scenes were.moreless
  • Scuttlebutte Pete's ghosts give the tugs quite a fright one night!

    Big Mac returns from working with Scuttlebutte Pete one night, a bit shoken up after Pete's tales of the ghost tugs. But when seeing the ghosts for themselves, Big Mac is scared beyond belief and warns the others when back at the Star Dock. All doubt this and tease Big Mac for it, until they experience the frightful ghouls themselves. Ten Cents and Sunshine even recall seeing a galleon suddenly arise from the water, and King Neptune in the fog! At last the next morning, Hercules arrives and tells the Stars that the ghosts are only tugs from colder waters, following the path of an ice berg to Port.

    A very frightful episode! The animation with King Neptune is enough to give me nightmares! This episode is good for any TUGS fan, especially the ones that seek mischeif! I give it a 9.0/10.moreless
  • Well when I saw my first ever clip with my cousin Alec,the Galleon clip was it.In fact,because I was only like 2,I cried for the rest of the clip because it wasn't meant for children like that.I showed my younger cousin this,and he cried too,and he's 7.moreless

    This episode was scary when I saw the Galleon clip my cousin had.He had the full episode,but I was so scared of the Galleon he insisted I leave right when Ten Cents and Sunshine ran away.I came in just at the bad moment.Ten Cents was telling Sunshine something about OJ's instructions when the Ghost Tugs arrived.I was too young and dumb to notice these light things on the edges of the tugs which made them light and scary.By the time the Galleon got struck by lightning and Ten cents wore Zug's scared face,I made that face without even meaning to.By the time the two tugs ran off,I was already running downstairs to my grandma to tell her.I watch the clip on YouTube,but I'm still quite scared,and I haven't seen the full one with Alec because he told me to not do so.I showed this to my 7 year old cousin Cameron,and he cried like I did.moreless
  • Enough to give you nightmares.

    This episode scared me as a little kid. It may be the only spooky-themed episode of TUGS, but it sure was frightening. Especially the scene with the galleon, with the cartoon lighting, the spooky looking face in the top right corner of the screen, and the sudden shot of Ten Cents with his eyes shut, rapidly shaking his head. I was petrified! I was so scared of this episode, that I gave away the video it was on. But years later, I saw the video for sale in a shop. I decided it was time to over-come my fears and watch the episode again, not to mention the fact there were two more episodes on the video, which I wasn't afraid of, but still I threw them away with this one. So I bought the video again, and from that point on, I was no longer scared of this episode. I felt so silly. David Mitton sure knew his stuff about making spooky stories scary, with both Thomas and TUGS.moreless

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