Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 3:30 PM May 02, 1989 on ITV
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The two fleets are helping out the navy by handling the munitions. Being himself, Bluenose tries to demand control of the operation. This isn't necessarily his brightest idea, and he may have to learn the hard way to be safe around fire and explosives...

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  • First episode ive seen

    This is the First episode ive seen and when seeing it I knew I would like to see the rest considering that its the Sister show of Thomas The Tank Engine though I always thought ive seen this show as a Child but it was apparently Theodore Tugboat which I never got into. This episode was exciting and the line that I liked the most was when Top Hat, Frank and Eddie see the Fire

    Eddie - Someones having a Dockside Celebration

    Top Hat - Oh No if there was a Party I would have been invited

    Frank - Prep Sonnan Lead Along Nik Hoy Brail

    (Frank and Eddie Laugh)

    Top Hat - Very Drol Certainly wouldnt want Lowlifes like you there.... What whats that

    Fire Tug - Emergency Emergency Get your tide and follow along Top Hat Might need all hands

    Sunshine - Yeah Follow on Top Hat fire at the Old Dock

    Top Hat - I would love to join you but these two have me in a right stickt

    Eddie - Always our fault eh Frank

    Frank - Never is eh Eddie

    Eddie - He could take us along I dont see a Fire Top Hat - The Only Fire your gonna see is I can tell you that is the one I will set under your Tracks if you dont get a move on

    Frank and Eddie - Ooooooohh...

    That cracked me up and Bluenose I like him hes Hard Core and its funny that he was a Mess after the explosions. Big Mickey its a shame that he possibly died but I like this episode alot.moreless
  • Oh Bluenose!

    You may have heard of dockside fires, but ever on a children's television show?

    A lot of dangerous work is being done and Bluenose, the naval tug is causing trouble. Hercules shows no sign of fear but OJ and the Fire Tug are annoyed. Captain Star sends his tugs off who have no dangerous work as the Z-Stacks are handling the munitions. Zorran tells Zak and Zebedee to ignore Bluenose at all costs. After dark, most of the tugs at Big Mickey's dock when Bluenose comes and knocks all the munitions over! Can the tugboats survive the fire?

    Wow, what an explosive episode! I never expected this to happen. Big Mickey did survive it, I could easily tell. Why would they bother killing a crane? Bluenose is actually quite a laugh and the Z-Stacks and Top Hat had some more great lines!moreless
  • A great episode indeed!

    Hercules tows Krakatoa to the Old Dock when Bluenose comes and bosses him about. He does the same soon to OJ and Fire Chief. Later he sees Ten Cents and yet again, he bosses him. (The close-up of his face is really funny!) The Z Stacks are taking some Munitions and Zak is the first to leave. They try not to be bossed by Bluenose again... Night falls... Big Mickey is loading Krakatoa, as Zorran is nearly finishing his job. Bluenose comes and bosses Zorran and OJ. Ten Cents says Bluenose shouldn't be next, beacause the switcher was next. Bluenose just wanted the barge to be stopped to be loaded, and then gave it a bump. The barge was on fire! Soon, chaos spread! The Old Dock was in fire! Big Mickey informs everyone that Krakatoa is on fire, and then fell in the water. Krakatoa sinks soon. Top Hat, Frank and Eddie are hving a discussion about what was happening (funny one too!), then Sunshine and Fire Chief tell him all about what's happening. OJ informs Ten Cents that an oil barge is on fire! He takes it away, and escapes beofre it explodes. Soon the fire is ended, and Top Hat comes and says "I'm late to save the day, ohhh, what a pity!" Zorran, Zak and Zebedee laugh at him for that! The Star Fleet are upset - they thought Ten Cents didn't make it, but soon, they see him coming. They are all very happy. As for Bluenose - he was towed by Grampus back home!

    Well, Patrick Allen (Captain Star) informes something important about fire. One really good episode, but...

    R.I.P Big Mickey & Krakatoa R.I.P

    I rate it 9.5 / 10moreless
  • Probably the most adventurous episode of the series!

    Hasty Bluenose bumps a barge of munitions, causing one to flame, and sets off all the others! Soon, the whole dockside is flooded with flames and explosions. Soon after putting Bluenose aside, the Tugs watch desperately as the fire catches on Big mickey's dock, who uttterly dies a flaming death in the salty waters of Bigg City Port.

    But the destruction is not over, as the petroluem tank catches on fire! Ten Cents makes a swift move to get it out to sea, and once does, gets away in time just as it blows to smithereens!

    Back at the dockside, a tramper catches fire, and sinks. Luckily no one was hurt (expect Bigg Mickey). Finally, Captain star congratulates his Tugs for being so brave, and Ten Cents from saving a horrible torture to the Port. Here, we all learn the dangers of fire.

    A FANTASIC EPISODE! Besides Big Mickey's death (sob), this was the one episode in which we experience extreme explosions, and the series' most voiolent episode. In my overall score, it's a strong 9.6/10.moreless
  • A very memorable episode by far!

    I must say,David Mitton and Robert D Cardona sure know how to film a tv show!Bluenose is one fussy tug!I laughed when the debris hit Warrior and he said"Oy,that thing hit me",I was shocked by the explosions,Saddened by the death of Krakatoa and Big Mickey.I found this episode excellent!Although I have not seen it in full,I still can predict what happened in the parts I didn't see.It was so action packed!Probab;y one of the biggest,baddest explosions in the series.I thought the end was rather sad,but an important message of fire safety towards young children,if a little harsh.I loved Captain Star's final words.Although I prefer the tv version to the remastered video explosion,as it had more music and narration.moreless

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