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  • This show is good.

    This show could be perfect but... What the heck is with the accents. Another problem with this show is not all characters appear in a episode (Maybe one where all characters appear) and Only 13 episodes were made. Why?! Overall I give this show a 87/100
  • Well, this is one program I would love to watch again and again. Still cool to watch.

    I find this series cool to watch, even though it only has 13 episodes. I remember seeing some of it's clips on the old Tug media Dock website. Shortly after seeing it's clips, I decided to stick to Thomas, but I couldn't resist it and watched an episode of it. It was cool with it's explosions and action. And I was trying to help it come out on DVD and I thought this was a series that children should watch. I got all the episodes back in Christmas 2006 on VHS and I used one of the schools digital video tape player to transfer the episodes on a NTSC video tape. I still love to watch Tugs even though I'm now on Theodore Tugboat.
  • Who knew boats could be so dangerous?

    TUGS is set in the 1920's in the fictional place of Bigg City Port. There, a variety of tugboats, ships and engines work to keep the massive port going. The two main tugboat compainies, the Star Tugs and the Z-Stacks, are constantly fighting over obtaining the contracts to keep their companies going. Along the way, Ten Cents from the Star Tugs and his friends get into a lot of crazy adventures! From collapsing bridges to fiery docks, green eyed theives to sinking tramp steamers, there is always something going on!

    TUGS is an excellent show. It is created by Thomas director David Mitton and model maker Robert D. Cardona, and they did a great job. They made a nice show that is for teenagers but any age could enjoy. Also, they use drama and proper action unlike in most shows that try to do something like this in modern days. David's direction was excellent and I now that he has departed that they remastered his work and produce it on a DVD so that more people know about this show! Top marks from me.
  • Greatest show ever since Thomas the Tank Engine!

    TUGS is about the good tug boats called the "Star Tugs" and the bad tug boats called the "Z-Stacks". The Star Tugs try to make the power behind the Bigg City Port. Yet again, Britt Allcroft has done it again! Too bad it only showed 13 episodes. It was a British show in the UK. This is a very great show. Who would hate it? I saw some of the episodes on Dailymotion and YouTube and I thought they were awesome. My favorite characters would be Ten Cents, Warrior, and the green-eyed thing from "Pirate". Congratulations for making the best show ever since Thomas the Tank Engine!
  • Boats from the same company that made Thomas and Friends. Long live TUGS and Thomas and Friends!!!!!

    I hope TUGS can be recognized since it is the best series made in future generations!! I started watching sometime in May 2007 and by far, the best children series with action and characters who can talk by boat, train, vehicle, etc. This is my second favorite series made by David Mitton!! I wish it can be recognized in the future, not by the way Salty's Lighthouse has made TUGS twice as retarded... Oh well, Thomas and Friends has been turned into something different and not exciting as much. I'm guessing that Thomas and Friends and TUGS shared the same fate of being turned into pre-schooler series... Long live TUGS!!!
  • This is a show of action.

    I love this show very much.It was what amazed me by how there is talking TUGS and that there is action.I loved Sunshine because he reminded me of myself.Why because I am the type who is younger and I will be cheerful.I had to say that if this show was back I would hope for new eps.I loved the ep High Tide because it brought lot's of attention of how Top Hat would save the Engine.Which at the end of very episode there is a moral value to learn such as beina hero or helping out.To me I think this show is for all ages.
  • TUGS 1988-1989 created br Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton..... THIS IS TUGS

    TUGS is a Great Series that I wish theyd bring back I remember watching Theodore Tugboat as a Child which when I found out about TUGS I got confused which was which but I know that it was Theodore Tugboat because TUGS never Aired in The US But in the Crappy Salty's Lighthouse which was just CHEEP! However Theodore Tugboat and TUGS are fairly similar and Robert D. Cardona worked on both shows though Theodore had a longer run that TUGS. I wish that TUGS ran longer because it should have as long as a run as Thomas & Friends. This show was a bit Darker than Thomas the Tank Engine with the Death of Krakatoua and The Blinded Tramp Steamer (The Model of Johnny Cuba). Also Big Mickey though the first narration says he landed in Shallow waters which I believe Top Hat is my Favorite Star-Tug while Zorran is my favorite Z-Stack. TUGS Simply rules!
  • This is TUGS!

    TUGS is a show of talking tugboats, quite like Thomas the Tank Engine, as well as the same producers; Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton. This show of talking tugs is a show of friendship, trust, and explosions! I reckon this may be the most violent children's television show of its time.
    There are two fleets of tugs that compete for contracts all around Bigg City Port, the largest harbour in the world. Captain Star, the narrator of the show, owns Ten Cents, Big Mac, OJ, Top Hat, Warrior, Hercules, and Sunshine, the more reliable and friendly group, and the lead stars and heroes. Often, they comete against the Z-Stacks, owned by Captain Zero. There is Zorran, Zebedee, Zak, Zip, and Zug, whom are the more villianous of the two fleets and play dirty.
    It is too bad the show ended in 1990, with only 13 episodes produced. I think it is a rather friendly show of commitment, eagerness, adventure, and plenty of fun! If this show was ever to make a comeback, you could bet that I'd be part of that big group who'd be watching these excellent episodes over and over again.
  • tugs was a show created Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton. This show had spunk and lots of it too. The same producers of Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends. The show was great but sadly I think it was a little ahead of it's time.

    The episodes are great and lovely and have brought tears to my eyes. The way the character's act are like humans and u forget they are boats too. I love the end theme! always whistling to it at school. I even like drawing the little tugs and making models out of clay. Any way the show was made by Robert d Cardona and David Mitton. You may know them from the thunderbirds. they gave us this series that was dangerous and lovely at the same time! Sometimes i wish it had continued. I wish for it to come to dvd.
  • This is the best show in history!

    I love this show because it may have maturity, but It still sticks with us! I just got my new Ten Cents ertl toy so it can be in my series. This show is good, my favs are High Winds
    4th of July. This show needs to come back! I know there is a TUGS DVD campaign on sodor.proboards77.com, but I can`t get in! I must find a way... If this ever makes a second series, this will be alot better. I know that Patrick Allen is dead, but he was great and the Tugs could narrate for this show!
  • Another great show from the creators of thomas.

    This show is one of my favorites. This show had a great amount of action and morals that made the show intresting. The show is shown at a fictonial harbor called big city port the main characters are made up of the heros and villans. The star tugs and the z stacks. The star tugs ten cents, sunshine, oj, big mac, warrior, hercules, and the new member of the star tugs, grampus the submarine. led by captian star. the star tugs are the heros. being the heros. the villans are the z stacks who are zorran, zip, zug, zebade, and zak.led by captian zero. The show was great and still is. The show is not on tv anymore and had 13 episodes. I give this show a 10 out of 10 score.
  • Although Thomas the Tank Engine is my No. 1 favourite show, I miss this, wish it weren't cancelled.

    "The tugboat, for it’s size, is the most powerful craft afloat. And Captain Star and his tugs have the power between the docks and the waterways, that make up the Bigg City Port.
    "This is TUGS."
    I won't forget these words: the intro to a great series. While to some parts of the world, it remains unknown. But amounst fans, it is gone, but by no way means forgotten. Such a shame it was cancelled, I've still a few episodes to see. I hope the DVD campain will be a success, for then, for then, fans like me can revive those memories, just as I do as I watch Thomas. Also if the campain is a success, there might be a future for TUGS. Only time will tell...
  • The tugboat,for it's size, is the most powerful craft afloat.And the Star Tugs are the power behind the docks and waterways that make up the Bigg City port.This is TUGS.

    Ah yes,I remember when I first saw only two episodes,High Tide and Sunshine on Google.It all started on Sif when I was searching the web,and I found a few TUGS sites there,then I thought''TUGS?"Then I found videos of it on Google,and I loved it instantly,finding it was the sister series of ttte.I loved this show,to bad it was canceled.But it still lives on in ttte,s2 onward.This 15 year running series is almost completely forgotten in most parts of the world.I sure hope the dvd campaign is sucessful,I'd like to see the rest of the series.Only time will tell.I feel this is equally as good as ttte.I just hate the fact that O.J was called Otis,Big Mac called Big Stack,the show being cut up into shorter segments,Captain Star and Sunshine as girls(Reminds me of the dreaded gender-bender curse in ttte.),none of the ORIGINAL cast doing the voices,Izzy Gomez wearing a sombrero when he's not latino,not to mention all the dropped characters.This was a great show that was perfect the way it was all the same.
  • Absolutely lovely! What a shame it was cancelled...

    In my opinion, it was a show that had a ton of potential that was left unreached. The characters were cleverly created, and some rather comical! (Zip's stupidity had me laughing out loud!) It also had some of the loveliest music I've ever heard! (I can't help but shed a tear as the ending music plays...) I've only seen two of its thirteen episodes - Sunshine & High Tide - and I'm already in love with it! This show definitely ranks with my other classical favorites, including its sister-show, Thomas & Friends, which, by still using some of TUGS old models, helps keep the legacy going...
  • This great children's TV programm from the last 1980s unfortunately only had one 13 episode season. It has a large fan base, even though nowadays it is relatively unknown.

    TUGS was made by the name people who did Thomas the Tank Engine. It was created after the second series of Thomas, and was much higher budget. It was possibly intentional that the series would just have one season. This is unfortunate, as even someone like myself, who has only been into the show for less than a week at the time of writing this, has fallen in love with it. This is nostalgia at it's best.
    There are two teams of Tugs in Bigg City Port. They are:
    The Star Fleet: Captain Star is the owner, and he has 3 harbour tugs (O.J., Warrior & Big Mac), a railway tug (Top Hat), an ocean-going tug (Hercules) and two switchers (Ten Cents & Sunshine). Later on, Grampus, a mini-submarine joins the fleet, too.
    The Z-Stacks: Led by the nasty Captain Zero, there are 3 harbour tugs (Zorran, Zebedee & Zak) and 2 switchers (Zip & Zug).
    The two teams compete for contracts such as ocean liners and other jobs. They usually end up needing to work with each other to make operations run smoothly.
    TUGS is a great programme, and I am supporting the movement to get this fantastic series onto DVD.