Season 1 Episode 8

Up River

Aired Tuesday 3:30 PM Jun 20, 1989 on ITV
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Up River
Big Mac and Sunshine are clearing a log jam up river. Sunshine rams into the logs and the logs toppled over, trapping Sunshine. Ten Cents arrives to help them. Billy Shoepack comes along with dynamite while they are thinking of a plan. Ten Cents suggests they use dynamite to free Sunshine. The plan works but the unjamed logs float towards Uptown, threatening to crush the everything. The three Star Tugs ask Puffa the train to go to Uptown where Warrior, O.J. and Top Hat are.

The tugs at Uptown get Puffa's message and Warrior comes up with a plan which works, he sends the logs towards a warehouse that needed demolishing. At the end of the day, Ten Cents and Sunshine learnt that logs could be dangerous.moreless

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  • The logs cause havoc for the Tugs.

    I thought this episode was exciting. Billy Shoepack as moving eyes and head for the first time. We see some action Up river. Sunshine and Big Mac are clearing logs from the water. While the other Star Tugs are doing work down the river. Sunshine tries t tackle some logs to push them put of his way. The logs surround him and trap him. In a worse situation, the logs catch fire. Billy Shoepack comes by the tugs bringing dynamite to the logging camps. Ten Cents and Billy thinks that the dynamite will blow the fire out and free Sunshine. They give it a try and free Sunshine. The bad part is the large pileups of logs break apart and flow down the river causing damage. Ten Cents asks Puffa to tell the other tugs to watch out for the runaway logs and to warn the town. The Tugs put up a barge barrier to block the logs. Warrior is on the wrong side of the barrier when the logs come down and they hit him. With Warrior`s strenght, he withstands the logs. The logs push away and break through a warehouse, therefore, blowing it up. :P Warrior thinks that he would be in trouble for the incident with the warehouse but he actually saved the owner some $. I loved this episode, and I recomend it. -DF8moreless
  • Attack of the Logs!

    Billy Shoepack is back, Big Mac has verbal attacks and Warrior lives up to his name!

    After Sunshine becomes trapped after a pile of logs fall on him, Ten Cents and Big Mac enlist in the assistance of Billy Shoepack to once again save the day with his dynamite. But the rapids caused make the logs go haywire down th river. With help from Puffa, the three Star tugs manage to alert OJ, Top Hat, Little Ditcher and Warrior and an unlikely hero saves the day.

    I enjoyed watching this episode because it was good to see lots of action run through the whole episode instead of at a few bits. Billy Shoepack and Warrior were once again funny and the explosions helped balance out the action.moreless
  • One of Billy Shoepack's explosions causes a cascade of logs to thunder down-river!

    When working up river with Big Mac, Sunshine gets trapped behind stacks of logs. Unable to get out, Big Mac and Ten Cents turn to Billy Shoepack to help. One of Billy's explosions frees Sunshine, but also causes a stampede of logs to thunder down-river... right towards where Warrior, Top Hat, and O.J. are working! Ten Cents turns to Puffer to warn the three, and this is soon done. Bravely thinking a plan, Warrior, Top Hat, and O.J. cause the logs to divert the other direction - right into an old depot that was in need of being demolished!

    A pretty good episode. But the fact of Billy's last appearance without warning makes the episode a bit unfinished. But being the series first winter episode, and Puffer's first lead role, "Up River" was really good, and i give it a 8.4/10.moreless

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