Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 3:30 PM May 09, 1989 on ITV
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Warrior is determined to have a day without accidents but on this particular day, he experiences nothing but accidents. When Izzy Gomez tries to get into port, he crashes into rocks threatening to crush Ten Cents, Warrior proves to be the hero.

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  • A lot of hype, hardly anything new

    Another contract is up for grabs and the Star Tugs and the Z-Stacks are battling it out. Warrior is eager to help, but he causes trouble with his barge of stone and confronts Izzy along the way and causes trouble for a fleet of shrimpers and Little Ditcher. Zorran then causes Big Mac's barge to overload and it is a capsize danger. Izzy breaks into port but crashes where the stones are being delivered and Ten Cents, Mighty Moe and Scuttlebutt Pete try to save him. Warrior races past Big Mac and makes his barge overload. Izzy starts sinking and Top Hat and Lord Stinker arrive. Warrior then comes and his quick thinking saves the tramper.

    I waited quite a while for this particular episode before it was finally uploaded on YouTube (where else to get it? :P) I expected that it would be a rather exciting and funny story, but I wasn't very pleased. I will admit that there were a few funny moments, like Zorran's crafty trick and Izzy's line "What a stink, I'd rather sink" but otherwise nothing much happened. It was predictable that Warrior would save the day which took some of the joy away and the moral of the story was a bit cheesy. And we never know who won the contract, and the introduction of Old Rusty was a bit random as he never appears again. And though the building work is never finished, it doesn't continue in a later story. It was a rather average episode but was well written and had some good jokes and a bit of action but too many cameos for a blandish episode.moreless
  • Sometimes, patience is a virtue.

    I'm glad we've all finally seen the rarest episode, Warrior. It was definately worth the long and horrendous wait, though the comedy and crashes were very funny.

    In this episode, we are introduced to two new characters, which are Pearl the Oyster Barge, whom had a very brief cameo near the beginning. The other was Old Rusty, the retired naval tramper, which apparently is the Old Rusty Bucket with a name and face. I'm glad I finally saw both in action, and their voices were well suited.

    In my opinion, the episode was great. I believe this was the first time a barge sank, and the second and last episode Izzy Gomez was a lead star. It deserves a good rating, and I gave it a 9.2 out of 10.moreless
  • This episode was worth the wait.

    This was one of my favorite episodes of TUGS. It had a great and funny storyline. It was very hard to find. It took a while to find this episode. I think it was worth the wait. Warrior is the main character in this episode. Warrior tried to prove himself when the others tell him that he is clumsy. The tugs are doing demolition with old buildings at the old docks. New buildings will be made and the rock company plays a big role. Warrior and Big mac help out at the quarry when the Z Stacks tease Big Mac about Warrior. Big Mac gets mad and forgets that his rock barge is full. Meanwhile, Izzy Gomez is trying to get into the port for free. Warrior hits into him on accident when pulling his barge. Big Mac tows his heavy barge when Warrior hits the overfilled barge. Izzy hits into the rocks and almost falls over. Ten Cents sees him and tries to push him up to save him. The Z stacks see Ten Cents struggle and tease him and they don`t help. Big Mac and Warrior come just in time to help. They push Izzy up. When Warrior sails away, he accidently hits into Old Rusty. Even though Warrior still turned out to be clumsy, he was a usefull tug. This episode was very good. -DF8moreless
  • Just goes to show that even the clumsiest of tugs can be heroes.

    Warrior has always been known for being the clumsiest of the Star Tugs. But today, when he is given the job of taking stone from the quarry to the old quay, he tries to use this oppotunity to prove himself that he can go through a whole day without accidents. Despite this, he causes a large number of mishaps. He causes accident after accident after accident. He feels very ashamed. But later, he sees that Ten Cents needs help; for Izzy Gomez is sinking, and Ten Cents is trying to keep him afloat, but cannot. Warrior rushes to the rescue, and with all his might, he pushes Izzy to safety. The tugs thank Warrior, and tell him that his actions make up for the accidents he caused.

    I enjoy this episode of TUGS, although I do prefure some of the other episodes to this one; ones which have more action, and since Sunshine, who is my favourite character, was only in one scene in this episode. But this episode is still good, and it is very teaching, as it proves that anyone can be a hero. Warrior proved this, for even though he caused alot of mishaps, he was able to save Izzy. Something strange about this episode is that I am one of a few people who have seen this episode. For some reason, not many people have this episode. Lots of people say "No one has Warrior", and because I do, I find this very annoying. Everyone claims it's the rarest TUGS episode. For me, after having this episode on video, along with "Sunshine", "Pirate", "Trapped", "Ghosts", "High Winds", "High Tide" and "Bigg Freeze", this has always seemed like one of the most common episodes of TUGS, not the rarest.moreless

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