Turn A Gundam

Animax Entertainment (ended 2000)





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  • Just another average Gundam series.

    I had a few recommendations for this series, telling me this was a great Gundam Series. Unfortunately I can't agree.

    The series takes place a few thousand years after previous Gundam Series. After a great war many humans fled to the moon, the remaining humans on earth slowly struggled to survive. Eventually the earth civilization resembles the early to mid 1900s. Then the Moonrace comes back to the earth claiming a right to live on the planet. War then erupts between the moon...race and earth.

    The overall story was the best part of the series. I liked the new plot to the Gundam Series, though it did resemble the better series Gundam X. The biggest problem I had with the story was the Kihel Heim/Dianna Soreil story. It wasn't done well and very hard to keep track of.

    The characters were the worst part of the series. Vertically all the characters from Loran Cehack, Guin Sard Lineford, Miashei Kune, Sochie Heim and the rest weren't intresting. I didn't really care about any of them or what happened to them.

    The animation/Music was also pretty good. The animation was pretty good, but could have been better, this isn't that old of a series. I really enjoyed the muisc it added to the series.

    Overall it's just another average Gundam series, and not on the level of the original Gundam, Gundam X or 08TH MS TEAM.