Turn On To T-Bag

ITV (ended 1988)


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Turn On To T-Bag

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T-Bag is back, this time making her T-Room in the back of and old television set in the curiousity shop. T-Bag plans to take over the television airwaves with her High TV to put all the children in her evil power. The transmitter is hooked up to her evil T-Plant but is not powerful enough so she puts Professor Sparks, who has is on TV programme (Sparks in Space), in her power to make a booster, but he has a Jamming Device powered by nine crystals to destroy any bad vibrations including T-Bag. T-Bag takes the crystals scatters them in the upcoming programmes to give her time for her booster to be made. T-Shirt gets Holly-Anna Jones, a TV presenter, to collect the nine crystals. Will T-Bag ever transmit her High-TV or will Holly put a stop to her evil plans? If you want to learn more about this and other series please visit The High-T Website.
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  • T. Bag's most fiendish plot ever - she plans to take over the airwaves and transmit her evil High-TV. A great premise for another fantastic series of T. Bag. Not to be missed!moreless

    The first series without Jennie Stallwood in the role of T. Bag’s nemesis Debbie and so Diana Barrand takes over the role of ‘the girl’. As the new character of Holly-Anna Jones (a children’s TV presenter) was introduced the series could go off on a tangent while still remaining faithful to the 'collect ‘em up plot' set by the previous series.

    T. Bag is now trying to put into place her wickedest scheme ever – to take over the airwaves and transmit her evil High-TV to put all the viewers under her power. The premise of the story was an absolute stroke of genius on the part of the writers Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro! But T. Bag can easily be stopped by a jammer device made by Professor Sparkes which are powered by nine magical crystals which T. Bag scatters into the programmes coming up in the schedule. Cue some truly memorable episodes with even more crazy and bizarre situations, fantastic characters, quips and jokes and hilarity in leaps and bounds.

    The icing on the cake comes towards the end of the series with episode nine (Doc Leaf) with the frantic bag-swapping. The cleverest episode out of them all, superbly written and has you thinking who actually has who’s bag! After recovering from one side splitting and belly-aching bout of laughter, the relentless pace of the episode sends you straight back into more rapturous laughter. Truly excellent!

    To find out more about this and the other series of T. Bag check out my High-T Website: http://www.angelfire.com/rings/tbag/index.htmlmoreless