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ABC (ended 1969)

Finally got to see it....

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    [1]Jul 12, 2007
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    The only episode to air is in the collection at the Museum of Radio of Television. I got a chance to view it and it was pretty bad. It was produced by George Schlatter and seemed to be an attempt to update his current success, Laugh-In. He jettisoned the hosts in favor of a non-stop barrage of short skits, and gags all with a wink and a nod to the counter culture. It is a hit or miss style with way more misses than hits. The cast is quite game and lively, but the production weighs everything down. The computerized music that ran non-stop was a major distraction. It was overall a rather disappointing result.

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    Interesting review of a TV show that most people under 50 have never heard of. I once read aTV column entry that summarizedthis show written by Harlan Ellison and he more or less said what you did: not a bad show but an ungainly one. I guess Schlatter had high ambitions after "Laugh In" made its mark on American TV, as well as possible international distribution, and somewhere along the line he forgot that you still have to have a solid structure holding a TV show together in order for it to work. Looking back, at least most of the cast of this incredibly short-lived show remained gainfully employed as new cast members on "Laugh-In." I'll have to go to the Museum myself one day to see this show and satisfy my curiousity but thanks for posting this.

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    I actually remember seeing this show during its one and only broadcast. I don't remember anyone else watching it, though I was 13 and unlikely to have been watching the show on my own. I remember the bits which divided the picture into four boxes, sort of like a comic strip, and I also remember the use of profanity, which at that time you never heard on TV. And I remember thinking it wasn't very funny.

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