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Recently, AMC debuted a new original program titled Turn. It follows the story of America's first spy ring during the their revolution for independence. Now, following TV.com's habit of rating shows based on their first four episodes, here is my take at the 4-episode test.

Episode 1: 4 stars

Episode 2: 4 stars

Episode 3: 4.5 stars

Episode 4: 4 stars

So far, I have been really liking the series. The acting is really great, and Jamie Bell is fantastic as Abraham Woodhull. The story and characters have kept me interested and the writing has been consistent throughout the four episodes we've seen.

In Kaitlin's original review of the pilot, she felt that the show lacked a bigger scope and grayer villains. I agree that the show has yet to show us any more faces to the war besides Setauket, New York, and Connecticut, but it has been building up in the last few episodes with an incoming battle and the appearance of George Washington. And it seems to me that the Loyalists get more serpentine then the Patriots considering Abe's father is one of them.

If you haven't caught up to Turn yet, I suggest you do. The show has the potential to be a great series and it has been getting better. I know some people were put-off because they already knew how the story ended, but the journey has been very entertaining. So, at least do your DVR a favour and free some space by watching Turn, you may find yourself surprised.
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