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Before America was a glorious country full of strip malls, high-calorie fried things, and Ugg boots as far as the eye could see, did you know that it was under British rule? It's true—open up a history book and educate yourself! Once upon a time, in order to unlock the potential of a democratic nation and separate themselves from a regime of poor spellers and food misidentifiers (biscuits get smothered in gravy, not dunked in tea!), the people of the 13 colonies rose up against their wigged oppressors in the most American way: by shooting guns.

That event is now known as the Revolutionary War, and it will soon be the subject of AMC's upcoming drama, Turn. The series follows "America's first spy ring," which was formed by a bunch of farmers. And you know what? It looks great. Have a peek:

We still have yet to see footage from AMC's other upcoming drama, Halt & Catch Fire, starring Lee Pace as a computer pioneer in the '80s. 

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AIRED ON 6/8/2015

Season 2 : Episode 10

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