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AMC has released a new trailer for its Revolutionary War spy drama Turn, which debuts April 6 at 9pm with a 90-minute premiere. Starring Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) and based on the book Washington's Spies by Alexander Rose, Turn tackles America's very first spy ring and the birth of modern espionage tactics. Bell plays Abe Woodhull, a New York farmer who bands together with a group of his childhood friends to form the Culper Ring, which aids George Washington in turning the tide in favor of the Rebels by acting as secret agents. 

Turn's first season will run for 10 exciting episodes filled with espionage, fabulous wigs, and Torchwood's Burn Gorman, who pops up in the most unexpected places. But lest you think the premise is limiting, the show's executive producers have assured us that Turn actually has the potential to continue for many seasons, given the length of the Revolutionary War and the fact that the intelligence branch is active after the war ends. 

Press play on the video below to get a feeling for the show, and don't forget to set your DVRs for April 6!

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