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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2014 on AMC
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A poor farmer struggling to make ends meet is recruited by the Colonial army to spy on the British.

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  • Great spin-off show on historical Facts. DOWN WITH King George III

    I'm slowly finding this show to be very riveting. The pilot seemed to progress slowly, and reminded me of casualties of opportunity in war. Through no fault of one's own actions/behavior, disenfranchised individuals are approached and recruited, sometimes against better judgment. While in this case, it was to our (eventual US) advantage, these are still the same or similar tactics used by our own intelligence agencies.

    It really outlines the evolution of spy tactics. Oh... and the "Mad King" George III, doesn't help his own cause any, leaving his magistrates & officers to their own devices.moreless
  • Jahwohl mein King George III.....

    I tried to like this. I really did but I gave up after 20 minutes. Let me declare my interest before someone accuses me of prejudice. I am Irish, not English but after rubbish like THE PATRIOT I have become very tired of lazy cliches regarding chaps in red coats carrying muskets.

    Last night every single English soldier in the pub was sneering into the camera like they had duelling scars down one cheek and a monocle screwed into one eye. Yes, since Hollywood discovered nice Germans like Christophe Waltz the Brits are the new Nazis.

    A moment of hope surged when Burn Gorman turned up (with a weirdly awful British accent considering he's British. Can't he do posh?) and seemed to disbelieve the fat aggressive British Captain, sending him back to Blighty to be cashiered.

    However hopes were dashed when Burn, apparently now playing Colonel Klink, decided to punish everyone else as well. Out went the Redcoats and arrested the American patriots caught up in the melee. Raus, Raus, Schnell, schnell, schweinhunds etc etc. You get the picture.

    I waited for Kevin McNally to arrive because he's a guarantee of quality but even he couldn't lift this cornucopia of cliches above the level of a fifth grade 4th of July pageant. The characters and the dialogue were flat and uninteresting. The set-up for the conflicts seemed to have been designed by one of those outlining computer programmes so beloved of Hollywood and the unimaginative fledgling writer. A few moment of SLEEPY HOLLOW's 1776 flashbacks beats all of this into a cocked (tricorner) hat.

    There is a great story to be told about the War of Independence but it can't be told by people with no sense of the reality and history of a bunch of colonies who have not yet become America and can't even wrap themselves in the American flag to unite. Great stories are not just black and white. They are every shade of grey and technicolor besides. Not every colonist wanted independence. A lot moved up to Canada rather than be American. Most British soldiers were caught in an impossible position because they were so far from home, logistically speaking, they might as well have been on Mars, in modern terms. Besides, they knew the colonists as fellow subjects before hostilities. That's like a civil war but on a different continent

    There IS a great story to be told. This ain't it.moreless

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