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  • A TURN for the worse

    Sadly, this incredible story has turned into a languishing series that has deviated into a hodge-podge of bed scenes. The latest episode wasted 2/3rds of what could've included important and RELEVANT events on such. Lost patience. Read the book take a couple of days, instead of 3+ inaccurate years.
  • TURNing into a really good show

    Season one was a little bit slow to watch but season 2 has really brought the show forward and made it one of the best dramas on TV. I cant speak to its historical accuracy but put that aside and just enjoy a good spy tale
  • Just like the American army, the show gets better with time

    Most people don't realize how much the Congress abdicated the running of the war to Washington. His biggest issue throughout the war was money but a close second was finding capable people to support him. His staff was always too small which meant Washington was deeply involved in every facet of his operation and ran his spy rings personally. Washington seemed to have a special spot for the spies who were the eyes and ears of his army. After the war Washington repeatedly extolled the service of these forgotten men and women. It's really too bad he didn't wrote a memoir.

    This forgotten history gives the show latitude to fit the spies into history. The showrunners struggled in the first season as the show stayed behind British lines in a New Jersey town. While it was interesting to see the impact war had on the citizens it quickly became stale. The writers had a clearer vision in the second season and gave a much clearer story with more involvement of recognizable historical figures.

    The biggest issue in the show is the lack of villains which is amazing because Capt Simcoe is possibly one of the easily hate-able villains on TV right now. The problem is every other character is sympathetic. I do like that the British aren't shown as monsters but it means Simcoe is sent everywhere to add to the tension. The inclusion of Peggy Shippen, Benedict Arnold and Major Andre in season 2 has helped but it also diluted the focus for a show that only gets 10 episodes.

    The acting has gotten much better throughout the series but that might be because the writing has improved. I hated the acting from most of the Seetauket characters in season 1 but enjoyed all of them in season 2. Jamie Bell's Abe Woodhull almost seems like a different man. I also love the way they are portraying all the women who have become the key drivers behind the scenes. As I mentioned earlier, Simcoe's irredeemable evil is fun to watch in just about every scene. The portrayal of Major Andre and Peggy Shippen elevated season 2 though the actor for Benedict Arnold never seemed comfortable in how to portray this complex man. The ironic thing is the weakest portrayal in the show is Washington. His voice and bearing are meant to show an aristocrat used to ruling but most times it comes off as comical.

    All in all they've done a nice job portraying a time period that few people understand. I'm sure the show isn't cheap and I'm glad AMC has given us two seasons. I'm hoping enough people have watched it to get a third which I'm guessing will bring the series to a close along the banks of the Hudson.
  • Hooked on UK vs US History

    Really enjoying this show, packed with historical goodies and entertaining action. For a period drama made by US tv, it's really impressive. Like Black Sails, Turn mixes fact with fiction and makes a really fun show. Can't wait for season 3!
  • Simcoe! Put an end to this madness

    It is difficult to watch a show when the only redeeming feature is a homicidal maniac who, with the right opportunity, might put an end to the whole sordid mess.

    This show gives only the faintest nod to the historical reality on which it is thinly based. I understand the writers have to do something to create dramatic conflict but it seems as if their episodes were contrived by writers high on flakka.

    I could cite many instances, but the contrivance of the document purloined by a spy in King George's court was essential to bringing the French to our side is preposterous. As if the French did not have spies and intelligence service of their own, but needed the Revolutionaries to provide them a raison de guerre. Hitchcock would have called this the something made up from whole cloth for the characters to fight over.

    There was drama enough in real events, but rather than do original research on the subject the writers just make up "history" as they go along. We turned the program off last night a quarter of the way through with hopes that Simcoe will wipe everyone out and put an end to this travesty.
  • War without a clearcut good guys vs bad guys.

    Fans of war movies and of history have it all in this unknown part spies played in the Rev. War. I'm sick of WWII and Civil War movies all the time. This was our most important war since it changed the world.

    I like the way it shows how conflicted the ordinary people were as they wanted to be on the winning side so as not to lose their homes and livelihoods.
  • Turn is one of my favorite shows

    I don't understand what it might not get renewed, maybe the producers need a better publicist.

    I love the show and look forward to watching it.

  • Historical Series

    Based on true events this has a great story line and character development. Let there be more shows with this weaving of stunning plots and chivalry and great actors.
  • THANKS AMC for 2nd Season

    We are VERY happy that AMC has picked up this excellent show for another season. The cast is excellent!
  • Can't wait for each new episode

    This is an excellent show for those who love drama, history and character. Jamie Bell is such a talented young man and the rest of the cast is top-notch, too. The sets are good, the history fairly accurate and the story telling is first class. My only concern is how they will keep it going beyond one or two short seasons.
  • Can't look away

    A must see for History geeks which I am. Well done period piece with an excellent cast. Rarely shown on TV, the Revolutionary War is little explored. This is based on fact which is even better. The actor who portrays Simcoe makes your skin crawl. Missing only Jason Isaacs to push this show to a 10.
  • First class period piece ....

    in New England as Revolutionary War was taking vs family,brother vs brother,neighbor vs neighbor were common conflicts as to where one stood on Independence for the is terrific. No expense spared on this AMC production. Settings and sets are dead on for authenticity.

    Only issue is it airs Sunday nights at 9PM. Fights with Mr Selfridge another favorite of mine. DVD stays hot !

    Amazon Instant Video is available too.