Turnabout - Season 1

NBC (ended 1979)




Episode Guide

  • Magic Statue (4 episode compilation movie)

    The film title is "The Magic Statue". It was released as a cable movie on the Disney channel and then on pay cable channels for a little while. This was a collection of the pilot episode and 3 of the regular episodes. The episodes compiled were:

    1 The pilot episode,

    2 Penny's Old Boyfriend,

    5 Til Dad Do us Part,

    7 Statutory Theft


    8 (the ending segment is an all new short conclusion to the series apparently made for this compilation!).

  • Statutory Theft
    Statutory Theft
    Episode 7

    The magical statue is STOLEN by a gunman robbing their home!!! Insurance might give them some money but no money can change them back into their original bodies! Will Sam and Penny be cursed to live out the rest of their lives in each other's body?

  • Crass Reunion
    Crass Reunion
    Episode 6

    Shhhh. It's a secret!

    Sam is invited to his fraternity reunion to receive a coveted honorary degree, only the wives are not invited. Just the men!

    Too bad Penny is now occupying Sam's body and is the one to get the news! Soon the secret is out. So they both return to Sam's old college for a wild reunion! But before they leave, Sam has to teach Penny how to play touch football fast so she won't make him look like a fool to his old college football buddies.

  • Till Dad Do Us Part

    Penny's family comes to visit on the occasion of her sister's wedding, but masculine minded Sam has to be the daughter/sister instead of Penny, to Sam's annoyance and Penny's disappointment. Of course nothing goes smoothly at a wedding!

    When her father threatens to skip the wedding, Penny, still stuck inside Sam's male body, has the perfect opportunity to break through her father's reservations about his son-in-law (and her husband), and to show her father the error of his actions regarding BOTH daughter's choices in spouses.

  • Cry Me a Touchdown
    Cry Me a Touchdown
    Episode 4
    Sam and Penny prepare to participate in a charity touch football game, only Sam is now the cheerleader and Penny is the quarterback and neither has a clue on how to perform those roles!

    Can Penny teach macho Sam to lead cheers in her old cheerleading outfit now that he occupies her former body?

    Can Sam teach Penny to throw a football like the man she appears to be?

    Time is running out fast until the big game!moreless
  • We're a Little Late, Folks

    Penny informs Sam that her monthly visitor is overdue to visit HIM! Could Sam become the first man to become a mother???

    A way too intense visit to Penny's gynecologist is the next step, with the horror stories of the mothers to be in the waiting room putting birth in a new perspective for him now that HE would be the one giving birth.

    The Doctor examines him. She asks him if he has been under any stress lately since that could explain the late period. She says that the results of her exam and blood tests will be due in a few days.

    Penny and Sam have a good laugh when Penny's doctor tells Sam that stress might be a cause for the delay. Changing bodies and genders has certainly been stressful for them both!

    Sam can only wait for the test results to find out if he is... PREGNANT???

    spoiler below .








    . . . . Sam is safe for another month, it was just the stress causing the delay.

  • Penny's Old Boyfriend
    Penny's old boyfriend shows up with a job offer that Penny hopes Sam won't refuse now that he literally speaks for her! Penny is excited to see him, and perhaps a bit too affectionate considering her currently male body!

    But Sam suspects the former boyfriend is more interested in making a move on Penny! Thanks to the magic statue's body exchange a few weeks ago, he's in the perfect position to find out since her ex-boyfriend believes he IS Penny!moreless
  • Turnabout - Pilot episode
    A cursed Gypsy's statue causes Sam and Penny's spirits to take flight and exchange bodies after they made an idle wish about each other having the better life. Now Sam is his wife and Penny is her husband. Oh Boy!