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  • One of the rare non-crapy cartoons that has aired on jetix.

    Title: perfect!

    Theme song: the intro is really good, it explains everything. But here's the funny part: nobody knows how egyptian music sounded like ;)

    Story: a mummy has awoken and now he's trying to live in this crazy XXI century world. Characters: there are a lot of them, including all the gods... The main is a spoiled faroh Tut. He reminds me Nestor(world of Quest) sometimes;) His best friend is a girl with messed up hair Cleo (a bit strange that her name is also related to egyptology, don't you think?) and her cat Luxor (Luxor is an egyptian temple, BTW).

    Voices: not to brag or anything, but voices could be WAY better. Tut's voice is a bit annoying.

    Humour: pretty good.

    Misc: I will never understand what does "the almighty"do all day. Nor the fact why he needs food...

    In conclusion: a great show which can teach a lot about egyptology(trust me, I learned a lot of interesting facts). i recomend it.
  • This cartoon is about ancientegyptian,mummy,mythology its look as same as other cartoon plot but truly it better than the other!! .I think that this cartoon can make us enjoy in it in every minute!!.either it teach us about the way of

    GREAT CARTOON EVER!! this cartoon is fun and I always enjoy to watch it.
    but problem is no one know about this cartoon!
    and especially is in my country not have this TV series on TV program so the episode that I could see
    is in youtube only .The very sad for me... I wish that some one will upload this cartoon.
    I live in bangkok,thailand after I watch this cartoon
    I feel interest in it.I only watch 3 episode that
    have in youtube the awakening,Ghostbusted and Near dead experience.Sometime I go to find it DVD
    in everywhere but what I found is nothing .I feel so
    disappoint that why the good cartoon always become
  • Boring!!!

    ok i was very excited about this show at first.an anitent egyptian mummy pharaoh rising from the dead in todays modern world.i tought it was gonna be cool and creepy,like "grim adventures of billy and mandy" or "beatlejuice".i was complitley wrong.ok so there is this girl cloe who likes egyptian mythology and goes to a museum.there she accidantly wakes up tutenstein from his eternal slumber.plus her cat can speak now too.tutenstein still thinks hes a pharaoh.ok i like the plot.but there are some things i dislike about this show.
    it isnt cool and creepy at all.its all about learning about friendship,sharing and kiddy crap like that.
    episodes are boring.they are always in the stupid museum and so called "trouble" happens and in the and tutenstein learns thats it wrong to blah blah...
    i tought he was gonna move to cloes place and maybe go to school and stuff(kinda like invader zim) instead he speands his days in a stupid museum
    i dont like the characters.tutenstein remindes me of omi from xiaolin showdon(the voice and behaviour) and poorly developed and not funny at all.cloe is always telling tutenstein what to do and ingratefull(like when he helped her with her homework she was like "uuuuuuuuu you cheated" big f#$% deal!)the talking cat is unoriginal and annoying.the humor is nowhere to be seen.i havent heard any decent joke in it.its not even trying to be funny.
    this show had great potental to be awsome,but,well...
    its a waiste of time
  • boy king is reawakened by girl in modern age

    Tutenstein is the nickname given to Tutankhansetamun King of Egypt who is lying in his sarcophagus in a city museum when Cleo Carter awakens him by moving his sceptre of Was... which gives him his magic powers... Tutenstein and Cleo then go on any adventures trying to stop the evil Set and his underworld minions... from using portals to take over the overworld by force. Tut and Cleo help the gods but often it is Tut's reckless behaviour and childsh ways that lead to the trouble in the first place... Cleo is a normal 12 yr old girl and is the more rational of the two... and her cat can speak after Tut is awakened... the cat also joins them. Cleo has a social life and best friend at school... and therefore sometimes her normal life comes into battle with her unnormal one with Tut defending the overworld... the fact that the Egyptian gods rule in America is odd... the gods make appearances like in courts and when Tut awakens their statue portals... quite an entertaining show.
  • I tune in when I can. Look at my blog plz.

    Tut can be empty headed and selfish but Cleo is sometimes way too hard on him he's just a kid and he also thinks he's the ruler of the world and deserves everything. Luxor is really cute I would want to have a cat like himm even though I like dogs better although they can't talk and they don't call me sire. Another cute pet from the show is Fang II ( two ) he's so nice and happy all the time definetly the nicest snake I've ever seen! This show can be sp funny especially when Tut calls ice cream creamed ice!
  • this show stinks

    King Tut-ankh-en-set-amun was revived when lightning hit a very old Egyptian casket in a museum The Pharaoh was in charge of the 10 year old mummy. King Tut may not be so tall, but his personality is very big. So big that he believes he is the ultimate leader the world he is currently living in. Tut meets up with a 12 year old girl, Cleo, and his trusty companion, Luxor. Watch him as he sets out to recover his rightful place in the world.
  • My favorite cartoon: Tutenstein. You see some pictures!

    Hy every fans!

    I very like that show! I made fan site to Tutenstein. I\'m Hungarian fan and I very wait new episodes. New episodes I read in Discoverykids website and Tvguida site. Oh and who know who
    I very concern Comeback Kid, Irresistibly You and Spells and Sleepovers episodes. It is here some my favorite pictures:
    The Queen of Cleo: http://users.atw.hu/tutenstein/100_8208.jpg

    Tut in TV2: http://users.atw.hu/tutenstein/tv2.jpg

    Tutenstein\'s guestes: http://users.atw.hu/tutenstein/1125780589.jpg

    Cleo: http://users.atw.hu/tutenstein/1146340315.png


    My cute animation: http://users.atw.hu/tutenstein/animation3.gif
  • An awesome show!

    This show is about a ten-year-old pharoah who was mummified 3000 years ago and got brought back to life in the 21st century. He still thinks he is supreme ruler of the world, even though he's just a mummy kid in a museum. This is a very good show. It's very imformative and entertaining to watch. This is one of my favorite shows and I'm sure you'll like it, too.
  • Tutenstein

    Tutenstein is about Tut-ankh-en-set-amun being brought back to life by a girl named Cleo. Tut believes he is the ruler of the current world and tries hard to make sure people see that he is. It is an amazing show because the main character is a mummy and he has this huge personality. It has comedy in it as well. That what makes this show so cool.
  • I love the fact that it's full of Egyptian mythology.

    I've always been a big fan of Egyptian mythology above any other country's mythology, so when I saw this I just loved it. I guess the reason is it's full of Egyptian Gods, and creatures from legend and at the same time it happens in our time and it's funny. We need more ancient Egypt based cartoons, there is so much to see and learn from them..
  • This is a pretty good show. It is not my absolute favourite, but it is one of them.

    This show is about a girl named Cleo who knows this mummy named Tutenstein who lives in a nearby museum where Cleo works. The mummy is called Tut for short. Cleo has a pet cat named Luxor who is a loyal servant to Tut and can be summoned by Tut at any time. Tut is always getting in trouble. He is never aware of the trouble that he could get in, and thinks that he is the best and should be worshipped by all. Cleo is the one who always risks her life to save him no matter what he does.
  • A kid finds some magical friend and she must keep him away from troubles. How original.

    I seen this kind of shows 100 times before. Nothing in this show looked interesting to me. The stories are boring and unoriginal ,music is awful (just same theme playing over and over) ,and humor is for 3 year olds. I understand that this show is about teaching kids moral ,but we already got 100 other shows that had completely same or at least ,similar plotlines - Care Bears ,Smurfs ,Snorks ,Muppet Babies... the other iritating thing is that even there's 100 times seen before stories ,the characters are always so serious about it. For instance ,Tutenstein is cheating in some game - Oh ,no! Disaster! Really ,come on! If you think should you watch this show ,think twice before you do.
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