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  • Boring!!!

    ok i was very excited about this show at first.an anitent egyptian mummy pharaoh rising from the dead in todays modern world.i tought it was gonna be cool and creepy,like "grim adventures of billy and mandy" or "beatlejuice".i was complitley wrong.ok so there is this girl cloe who likes egyptian mythology and goes to a museum.there she accidantly wakes up tutenstein from his eternal slumber.plus her cat can speak now too.tutenstein still thinks hes a pharaoh.ok i like the plot.but there are some things i dislike about this show.
    it isnt cool and creepy at all.its all about learning about friendship,sharing and kiddy crap like that.
    episodes are boring.they are always in the stupid museum and so called "trouble" happens and in the and tutenstein learns thats it wrong to blah blah...
    i tought he was gonna move to cloes place and maybe go to school and stuff(kinda like invader zim) instead he speands his days in a stupid museum
    i dont like the characters.tutenstein remindes me of omi from xiaolin showdon(the voice and behaviour) and poorly developed and not funny at all.cloe is always telling tutenstein what to do and ingratefull(like when he helped her with her homework she was like "uuuuuuuuu you cheated" big f#$% deal!)the talking cat is unoriginal and annoying.the humor is nowhere to be seen.i havent heard any decent joke in it.its not even trying to be funny.
    this show had great potental to be awsome,but,well...
    its a waiste of time