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  • One of the rare non-crapy cartoons that has aired on jetix.

    Title: perfect!

    Theme song: the intro is really good, it explains everything. But here's the funny part: nobody knows how egyptian music sounded like ;)

    Story: a mummy has awoken and now he's trying to live in this crazy XXI century world. Characters: there are a lot of them, including all the gods... The main is a spoiled faroh Tut. He reminds me Nestor(world of Quest) sometimes;) His best friend is a girl with messed up hair Cleo (a bit strange that her name is also related to egyptology, don't you think?) and her cat Luxor (Luxor is an egyptian temple, BTW).

    Voices: not to brag or anything, but voices could be WAY better. Tut's voice is a bit annoying.

    Humour: pretty good.

    Misc: I will never understand what does "the almighty"do all day. Nor the fact why he needs food...

    In conclusion: a great show which can teach a lot about egyptology(trust me, I learned a lot of interesting facts). i recomend it.