Tutenstein - Season 1

Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Happy Coronation Day, Tutenstein
    The museum staff and Cleo throws a coronation celebration for Tut-ankh-en-set-Amun and Set's servants come to the celebration and steals RamessesII walking staff thinking it's the Scepter of Was so Tut and Luxor go to the Underworld to retrieve the staff of RamessesII before Cleo finds out
  • The Unsafety Zone
    The Unsafety Zone
    Episode 12
    Two crooks steal the Crown of Geb after Tutenstein accidentally switches the alarm off in the display of the Geb when he was disturbed in his sleep.
  • Near Dead Experience
    Cleo has caught a cold and Tutenstein becomes worried. He has never experienced this. So, he thinks she is in danger. King Tut's special doctor tries to preserve Cleo, causing some trouble.
  • Ghostbusted
    Episode 10
    The goddess, Isis, and King Tut are competing in a game of Senet. She becomes angry with him after he tries to slide through the game and not play fair. Tutenstein gets put in his place when Isis brings about Nebka, the apparition, also a past companion of King Tut's.
  • Roommates
    Episode 9
    Cleo is a really good friend of Tut. But after he comes to live with her, she thinks she will never have the freedom she had before because King Tut tries out her possessions and does some other stuff she doesn't seem to like very much.
  • King of Memphis
    King of Memphis
    Episode 8
    There is a park known as the "Kingland Amusement Park" that venerates a king, rather than King Tut, himself. Tutenstein doesn't like to see the people at the park dressed as kings, so he splits his soul in half in hope to vie with them.
  • There's Something About Natasha
    Tutenstein really likes Natasha, Cleo's best friend. In hope to gain her love, he awakens to god of children, Bes. Tutenstein is suprised by the conclusion of the spell, it is not what he imagined. Now, Tut doesn't know what to do. He has to choose and be certain of Natasha being his real love, or a zombie affection.moreless
  • The Powerful One
    The Powerful One
    Episode 6
    Luxor, Tutenstein, and Cleo must end the lioness goddess, Sekhmet's, upset fury towards civilization. She was awaken by King Tut and his bickering opposing the servants constructing his pyramid.
  • The Boat of Millions of Years
    Tut wishes viewing movies with one of his good friends, Cleo, would go on forever. The sun god, Ra, is summoned by Tutenstein, asking him to put off sunrise for a few more hours, so he can remain awake a little bit longer than usual. Ra is in trouble now. After time halts, it is up to King Tut to rescue Ra and fix time.moreless
  • I Did It My Way
    I Did It My Way
    Episode 4
    King Tut misses the ancient Eygpt. He is becoming bothering by the ordinary world. So, he decides to create the current world like the past life. This life is also hard. Trying to control the ancient life, will he change the world back to the way it was before he won't be able to at all?moreless
  • Clash of the Shabtis
    Trouble begins when Tutenstein is asked by Cleo to assist her in purging the museum. Not feeling like doing it, Tut brings his shabtis, wooden tomb helping statues, to life to do the duty in his place. Tutenstein must stop the shabtis because they are becoming uncontrollable.
  • Curse of the Pharaoh
    The goddess Ammut is released from the underworld by El Zabkar. Her job is to ruin Tutenstein. Can Luxor, King Tut, and Cleo put a stop to her plans before Tutenstein is hurt?
  • The Awakening
    The Awakening
    Episode 1
    When a museum is hit by lightning, Pharaoh Tut-ankh-en-set-Amun is arisen from the dead in the current world. A cat named, Luxor, becomes his aide and a girl named Cleo Carter becomes his friend.
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