TV Land Confidential

Season 1 Episode 1

Network Notes

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 14, 2005 on TV LAND



  • Trivia

    • This, the first episode of TV Land Confidential, gained better ratings than most of TV Land's other original series.

  • Quotes

    • Debbie Allen: The writers invented a story about a young girl with an athlete who is HIV positive. The network went ballistic.

    • Jay Johnson: What they were doing was arguing about the hell's and damn's when the word "horny" had been introduced. So "horny" get's through as they make a deal for how many hell's and damn's.

    • Tom Bosley: The very first show that we did when they went on the air, there was a scene where Anson Williams is in the washroom of Arnold's showing Ron Howard how to disconnect a girl's bra using a radiator. They took us off the air in Dallas in the middle of the show.

    • George Schlatter: It was one of the saddest moments of my life when we were not allowed to show Jeannie's navel.

    • Sherwood Schwartz: The strangest note I ever got on one of the scripts of Favorite Martian, it was a note saying, "No martian would ever talk like this." This is what drives writers crazy.

    • Don Grady: How else do you get triplets? You can't have triplets from a twin bed.

    • Tina Cole: They got the biggest bed they could get but we were not allowed to end a scene facing each other.

    • Narrator: In the '50s and early '60s, couples usually slept in twin beds. Even when they were married in real life.

    • William Bickley: We won the war of the leather jacket...but the leather jacket squeaked. We won the leather jacket and then had a sound problem for the rest of the series.

    • Anson Williams: ABC sent a letter stating: "The Fonzie character can wear a leather jacket when he's with his motorcycle." Let me tell you, that motorcycle went into his bedroom, that motorcycle came to the dinner table, that motorcycle came into the men's room. There was a motorcycle, because doggone it, if there's a motorcycle, there's a leather jacket. And that's the truth!

    • Diana Canova: I was the first actress on television to ever say the word "horny".

    • Marilu Henner: I walk in and Jim Brooks is on the phone with Michael Fuchs from HBO. "If we end up on HBO," he said, "the first shot is going to be a shot of your naked breasts. Just to let people know that we're on cable."

  • Notes

    • Jaleel White makes a very rare appearance in this episode. He is known for hardly ever appearing on talk shows or any kind of show where he talks about his experiences on Family Matters.

    • In the 1950s, TV networks were so conservative that they wouldn't allow couples to share a bed because they felt it would imply that they were going to have sex.

    • Don Grady talks about wanting to use a double bed and not a twin bed. He called someone from ABC to watch Bewitched so they could use a double bed on My Three Sons.

    • TV Land aired a sneak peek before a title was picked.

  • Allusions

    • Soap:
      Highlighted is the infamous Newsweek article about the episode about a romantic scene in a Church. It caused the show to almost never even be aired.

    • Family Matters:
      Yes, there was a network censoring issue with Family Matters and it had to do with Steve Urkel. Apparently, as he grew older and puberty started to take its course, the tight pants he would wear began to be too revealing, so Urkel's wadrobe eventually became more casual.

    • I Dream Of Jeannie:
      What else? Jeannie's famous navel is the focal point of this segment of the episode. Barbara talks about how her navel did occasionally "pop out" during an episode or two, despite the network's over-sensitive desire for it to be covered up. Also interesting is that, because of the big buzz it made, the producers of Laugh-In wanted to have Barbara on the show and show off her navel, but ABC was mortified of that idea and disapproved.

    • Three's Company:
      Amidst all the controversy that surrounded Three's Company when it aired, there was only a focus on Jenilee Harrison's character (Cindy). Since she was so much younger than Jack or Janet, the writers really had to lower the level of sexual innuendo, which was the cornerstone of the show while Chrissy was on. And that's why Cindy was quickly replaced by the older Terri.

    • Happy Days:
      Talked about is the famous leather jacket worn by Fonzie. Apparently, the network did not want him to wear a leather jacket because it symbolized gangs. So they compromised and said Fonzie could wear it only when he was on his motorcycle...which the writers creatively used in almost every scene (in the house, diner, even the men's room). By the second season, he was wearing the jacket full-time. It is now on display at the Smithsonian.